2022 Real Estate Projections… Predictions… Prognostications… from Ex-sperts

Hold onto your hat….all the Ex “sperts” (Ex = has been and sperts = drips under pressure) are speaking…


More experts predict…higher mortgage rates…lower housing inventories.

Experts Predict What The Housing Market Will Look Like In 2022Danielle Hale, Realtor.com chief economist: We expect a whirlwind 2022 for the housing market. Home sales are expected to increase another 6.6% and home prices to rise another 2.9% on top of 2021 highs.

Home Price Surge Will Slow Down, Economist Says – But this picture is certain to change when the calendar flips over to 2022. “Prices will slow down,” said Ken H. Johnson, Ph.D., an economist for FAU Executive Education within the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla. “You will no longer see double-digit price appreciation.”

Housing Shortage Likely To Outlast Other Pandemic-Driven Scarcities – “Of all the shortages afflicting the US economy, the housing shortage might last the longest,” the economists, led by Goldman Sachs Chief Economist Jan Hatzius, said in the report earlier this month. “While the supply of homes for sale has increased modestly since the spring, it remains well below pre-pandemic levels and the outlook offers no quick fixes for the shortage.”

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