Spray Foam Bad for Termite Control

Why does spray foam insulation interfere with termite control?

Spray foam insulation unfortunately provides termites with a dense, spongy place to build their colonies, and it is very easy for them to tunnel through. It does not attract termites, but it does provide them a nice home if they find it.

Homes ravaged by termites hidden behind spray foam insulation

According to the pest control operator who provided the Fox 5 I-Team with video of this case, the spray foam in this two-year-old house is now home to termite tunnels going 15 feet up.

Improperly Installed Spray Foam Insulation Could Impact Ability to Inspect for Termites. Homeowners who have spray foam insulation currently installed in their home and have a pest control contract for termites should contact their pest control company to review their contract.

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