Well, I know this subject isn’t related directly to home ownership, but it is of importance…

Apparently the CDC is concerned about our overuse or inappropriate use of antibiotics and that as a society, we may be making ourselves immune to their benefits.

After reading “A Big Step in the Fight Against Superbugs” (WSJ – 9-26-2013, page A15), I understand the importance of good hygiene practices in hospitals by hospital staff, or lack thereof.
(10-7-2014 note: I recently read an article that said almost 40% of hospital employees don’t wash their hands adequately to avoid spreading bacteria.)

Apparently, about 25% OF 80,000 deaths in hospitals are caused by infections (MRSA and Staphylococcus) contracted in the hospital.

Any solutions of preventing infections besides washing hands?

Well, maybe some nasal ointment and antimicrobial soap helps cut deaths in testing close to 50%????

Note: Viral infections can’t be helped by antibiotics, but bacterial infections might.

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