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2021 Real Estate News

(Don’t forget to review 2020 posts of Real Estate News that still is relevant today!

U.S. to Tackle Housing Supply Shortage Amid Record Home Prices

Bridge Loan might be solution for home owners who need to sell before buying

Oregon Bans Real Estate Plea (i.e., Love) Letters: Will Other States Follow?

How to Renovate a House

Home builders press Congress to help ease housing shortages

The cost to build or renovate a home is way up. Here’s why and how much

Mortgage and real estate news this week: End of the refi fee, mortgage rates fall and more – Federal Housing Finance Agency announced Friday that it will end the 0.5 percent fee on most mortgage refinances as of August 1. The announcement is a boost for consumers, who are likely to benefit from lower interest rates when they overhaul their mortgages. The fee applied to loans valued at $125,000 or more.

None of it was real’: Real estate scam nearly snares woman

House prices jumped the most in more than 30 years in the 12 months through April.The 15% gain in the benchmark Case-Shiller index over that period “would translate into a wealth gain of $45,000 for a typical homeowner,

These are the cities with the biggest share of homeowners in danger of foreclosure

Metro areaPercentage of loans in delinquencyPercentage of loans in serious delinquencyPercentage of loans backed by FHA
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Alpharetta, Georgia17.4%12.8%21%

A new Bankrate survey says 64% of millennials have regrets after buying a home. Many say the biggest problems they face include feeling financially unprepared for the costs of home ownership, overpaying on the sales prices and disliking their size of the home. Millennials suffering from buyer’s remorse in hot real estate market

Selling your home? Here’s when to list your property if you want the highest offers

How Emotions Affect Home Buyers

Mortgage and real estate news this week: Q3 mortgage rate forecast, remodel financing…historically low mortgage rates and unusually strong housing competition

Justice Department Withdraws from Settlement with the National Association of Realtors….[PROPOSED] FINAL JUDGMENT

Supreme Court Invalidates FHFA Structure – the single-director structure of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) was unconstitutional. The Court held that the FHFA structure violated the separation of powers and severed the provision in the law that restricted the head of the agency to be removable by the President only.

FHFA Extends COVID-19 Foreclosure and REO Eviction Moratoriums

Housing Market Outlook: It’s A Seller’s Market, But Buyers Still Have Options

In a seller’s market, experts urge buyers to do these 3 things before placing an offer

Selling your home? Here’s how accurate online estimates are

Why Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan could be a win for real estate investors

Atlanta area among country’s fastest-growing new home construction markets

Homebuyers are growing weary of the housing market

What to Expect After Closing Escrow: Realtor Edition

What is a property title search?

How Are Soaring Materials Cost Affecting Real Estate?

Foreclosure activity to resume in July, some banks say

Are single-agent home sales risky? Study finds buyers, sellers harmed without own agents

Here’s when the housing market will cool off and 5 tips for buying now

So, is this what it’s coming to? 40-year mortgages becoming popular in booming housing market

Surging U.S. housing market faces test as people start heading back to offices

You won the bid — but the house didn’t appraise. Now what? | Opinion

CoStar Group Closes Acquisition of Homes.comCompany plans to combine Homes.com and Homesnap to offer the best online home buying experience possible by frictionlessly connecting agents, buyers, and sellers

Mortgage Rates Moving Higher After Inflation Data

20 Home Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value

Existing-home sales fall for third straight month — so what’s going on?

More Than 1 Million Loans in Forbearance Scheduled to Expire in June

Forbearances Rise Slightly as Borrowers Re-enter Plans

Mortgage and real estate news this week: homebuyer regrets, inflation and mortgage rates

Shortages of furniture and home appliances delay transactions

The future of cyber risks in real estate

In crazy housing market, even many sellers think their property is overpriced

US Homeowners Are Dealing With the Worst Property Tax Hike in Years – The negative effect of increased home values

Zillow Group responds to lawsuit filed by Real Estate Exchange, denies antitrust claims

Federal judge vacates CDC’s nationwide eviction moratorium

Real estate Q&A: Can the HOA force me to paint my house a color they chose?

Apartment Unauthorized Occupants Can Increase Crime Risk

Biden Proposal Would Close Longtime Real-Estate Tax Loophole

Zillow Group responds to lawsuit filed by Real Estate Exchange, denies antitrust claims

Why many real estate agents recommend working with independent mortgage brokers

New Home Sales Top 1 Million, Setting Post-Recession High

When will the real estate bubble burst? It won’t, says veteran real estate appraiser

The Villages Wins Federal Suit Against Breakaway Real Estate Agents

Legal-Ease: What can the nursing home get to?

Consider all of the costs of buying a home

Selling your home? Here’s how accurate online estimates are

how much can you rely on online estimates, like Zillow’s Zestimate or the numbers offered by Redfin or Realtor.com?

Senior apartments in Anaheim Hills sell for $87.5 million“Senior housing communities are also strategically positioned to continue to perform despite the pandemic as many residents’ income comes primarily from social security and pensions; therefore, they are not as reliant on a paycheck,” says Carter. “Beyond this, by maintaining affordability at the community, we can provide long-term housing security to residents.”

Foreign buyers are moving in on US real estate

Housing market is headed for a slowdown say Fannie, Freddie

NAR Report: Marijuana and Real Estate: A Budding Issue

Although California was one of the top states for outward-bound residents, the Bay Area did not crack the top five exodus regions in the nation, according to an analysis by North American Moving Services and Zillow.

The Greens Are Overtaking Kitchen Design

Is Residential Real Estate heading for another Bubble?

How high can local home prices go?

Ask a real estate pro: HOA wants me to ‘stop hanging my flags.’ Do I need permission to display them?

Why Are Lumber Prices REALLY So High? Supply and demand.

HUD Program Offices’ Policies and Approaches for Radon – Policies are needed for multi-family properties, but will policies for HUD multi-family properties transcend into homes purchased under FHA loans?

Victory For Rates; Hope For Housing Inventory?

Why Real Estate Photography is Important – But why condition, schools, and other comparable prices are more important

Where Real Estate Taxes Are Highest and Lowest

People Are Finally Starting to Think About Selling Homes Instead of Just Buying Them

Renters, and Biden’s $15,000 homebuyer tax credit

2020 NAR-DOJ Agreement Regarding MLS Rules

Legal-Ease: Fourteen magic words in real estate (Hint: “for their joint lives, remainder over in fee simple to the survivor of them.”)

Real estate Q&A: Can HOA close the pool to everyone after resident broke rules?

This affordable housing proposal is short-sighted

Atlanta’s largest residential real estate organizations report 10% increase in sales in 2020

Home buyers and sellers moving away from traditional real estate transactions

February New Home Sales Decline Sharply

Management Alert: Records and Privacy Protection Issues Identified During FY 2019 FISMA Evaluation

This management alert identified that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is failing to meet basic records management and privacy requirements for over 1 billion records containing PII.  Specifically, HUD is unable to identify, categorize, and adequately secure all of its electronic and paper records that contain personally identifiable information (PII). 

This will contribute to less inventory for first time homebuyers

Hot housing market fuels a rise in homeowners’ equity

Are Young Home Buyers using Real Estate Agents?

Millennials Dominate Buying Market, Generation Z Now Active Buyers, Says NAR Report

Roaring 20s: Real Estate Saddles Up for a Seller’s Market as One in Five Homeowners Plans to Sell this Year According to Survey

Is this a good senior housing alternative, or COVID breeding ground?

Can a real estate agent use your home to stage photos for their use in advertising?

Lumber Prices and Rising Rates Take a Toll on Builder Confidence

How Remote Workers Could Eventually Disrupt Housing Market

Why Are Lumber Prices REALLY So High?

February Homebuying Sentiment Declines, Despite Stronger Job Market

Zillow faces antitrust suit over change to real estate listings

Due diligence allows buyers to show they are serious in a competitive real estate market – This is equivalent to non-refundable earnest money.

What will happen to home prices in 2021 — how buyers and sellers can prepare

Will higher mortgage rates cool the housing market?

Rising Mortgage Rates Could Erase Home Buyers’ Increased Spending Power

Is technology making real estate agents obsolete?

Mortgage interest rates rise: The difference each month between 3% and 4%

12 interview questions for your next agent

The remainder of 2021 will see mortgage rates increase gradually due to the increase in economic spending. We anticipate mortgage rates on a 30-year fixed rate to get to 3.24% by summer,” “The remainder of 2021 will see mortgage rates increase gradually due to the increase in economic spending. We anticipate mortgage rates on a 30-year fixed rate to get to 3.24% by summer,” 

California real estate laws (trial runs for all of the US) – What you need to know about new real estate laws in 2021

The Most Common Home Buying Real Estate Contingencies

Intrusive or helpful? Zillow’s 3D Home app can now use AI to guess the size of your house

Household debt rises to $14.6 trillion due to record-breaking rise in mortgage loans

Amazon pledges $2 billion for affordable housing in three US cities

For Sale By Owner: How To Sell Your Home On Your Own

Homebuilders’ confidence slips in January in USA

President Biden’s Tax Plan and the Real Estate Community

Common Real Estate Myths That You Need To Know

Transparency in the home buying process including buyer’s agent commissions

Zillow Group will pay $500M to acquire home touring tech company ShowingTime

Five tips for buying your first home

December Home Price Gains Shot Up 9% Annually

Can a Home Seller Under Contract Still Accept a Higher Offer?

Only 50% of Consumers Think It’s a Good Time to Sell a Home, Fannie Mae Reports

Home sales listings Dear Monty column: Eight real estate agent categoriesto all-time low nationwide

Houston real estate agents caught on tape steering buyers away from homes with less commission

Ask a real estate pro: If the co-signer of my mortgage dies, who inherits the property?

Can a Grocery Store Really Affect Your Home’s Value?

Decoding a home inspection report: What’s included and what to look for

10 Real Estate Market Predictions for 2021

Real Estate 101: Learning new things at eviction court

5 Housing Market Predictions For 2021

Zillow predicts a stronger housing market in 2021

Will we have a buyer’s housing market in 2021?

Rise in cash offers negatively impacts traditional buyers

CRE loan defaults: Where do we go from here?

Zillow Economist on what to expect from the real estate market in 2021

Even with low inventory, expect a strong 2021 housing market (Well duh…limited inventory with same or more demand drives prices up…)

Three Predictions For The Rental And Housing Market In 2021

Realtor.Com Looks To A Strong Seller’s Market In 2021

Real Estate 2020: A Look Back

And just WHO ARE THE EXPERTS and HAVE THEY EVER BEEN RIGHT? Experts Predict What The Housing Market Will Be Like In 2021

2021 Forecast from NAR Real Estate Summit

Real Estate Predictions for 2021: What Can We Expect?

What to Expect From the Housing Market in 2021

Millennials And The Real Estate Market: 5 Trends To Watch

Report: Housing demand expected to surge in 2021

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