2023 Real Estate News

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Two arrested for $1M embezzlement at Del Mar real estate company – Two siblings are in custody after being arrested this week for the embezzlement of over $1 million 

Pros And Cons Of Using Private Money Lending For Real Estate Investments – When it comes to real estate investment, private money lending is an excellent choice because of the many advantages it has to offer. Yes, they indeed come with some serious disadvantages but they are easily avoidable. 

Real estate celebs, group agree to pay $16.7 million settlement – Using infomercials and social media, Response Marketing Group would attract consumers to free events across the country where so-called real estate experts like Scott Yancey and Dean R. Graziosi would promise to share investing techniques.

  • FHFA decides to scrap new debt-to-income ratio fees 
  • The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced on May 10 that it is rescinding the fees that would have been based on a borrower’s debt-to-income ratio for loans that were above 40% and acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

HOA Foreclosure on your home – yes they can!


McDonald’s is Testing a New Restaurant Concept, and The First Location is in North Texas

Real Estate Investors Are Losing Money on Roughly 1 in 7 Homes They Sell—The Highest Share Since 2016

Foreclosures Jump—Is Another Wave About To Flood the Housing Market?

Foreclosure proceedings began on more than 65,000 properties in the first quarter of this year, according to a recent report from real estate data firm ATTOM. That was up 3% from the last quarter of 2022—and a 29% jump from a year ago.

$106,557 was the average wire fraud loss for consumer recovery cases in 2022 Of the recovery requests for wire fraud in 2022, 41% were buyer cash-to-close transactions, 24% were mortgage payoffs, and 11% were seller net proceeds

PODCAST – Realty group’s 40-year listing agreements causing pain – A controversial real estate company has been signing up thousands of Georgians for its 40-year listing agreements.

Down payment assistance ‘a gold mine’ for first-time buyers 

  • Agents who learn more about down payment assistance programs can help themselves as well as buyers.
  • Realtor.com donated $200,000 to help launch the Equity Down Payment Assistance Program.
  • DPA programs can take patience, but the right partners can help get deals done.

3-31-2023 Podcast – NAR Finds Share of First-Time Home Buyers Smaller, Older Than Ever Before – You probably know why – mostly it takes longer to build wealth to afford homes today, right?

Zillow’s new AI-powered natural-language search is a first in real estate – Zillow has launched a new AI-powered feature that lets shoppers search for homes in the same way they would talk to their friends and family. 

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