2016 Real Estate Predictions

My prediction:

some will buy…some will sell…some will not buy or sell….interest rates will change….big money investors will win…small money homeowners won’t…over 95% of home buyers will use an agent…less than 10% of those buyers will use an Exclusive Buyer Agent…people will still burn gas driving around to find homes, they start to realize more than just price and location are important factors that play a role in selection, and a few people, given the luck and fortune of factors beyond their control, will come out fine while the majority of homeowners will continue to watch values fluctuate….there, does that about cover a valid predictive model?

In other words, it all depends….on localized market you are looking – on employment – income growth – US and world economies – student debt – immigration – economic policy – and many other factors beyond anyone’s guess…

But here are a few of the many other higher paid, more sophisticated bull-crap predictions you will probably see out there:

Update 1-9-2016: The real estate market in 2016 will largely be like 2015

Update: 12-31-2015: Hot markets will cool, more people will buy multi family units, baby boomers likely to downsize, and millenials start buying?

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