Any down payment assistance programs remain?

Are there any “legitimate” down payment assistance programs left to use besides Georgia Dream?

The Georgia Dream Program is still available and provides up to a $5,000 2nd loan and requires home buyer to come up with at least $1,000 amongst other conditions.

Not much remains now, but maybe there will be in the future…and the future has arrived – at least loan programs sponsored by these four states: Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They are offering ZERO DOWN PAYMENT loans.

Update: 2-1-2015: Invest Atlanta is comprised of the Urban Residential Finance Authority, Downtown Development Authority and the Atlanta Economic Renaissance Corporation. Subsidiaries include Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. and offers programs such as HFA Preferred – HOME Atlanta 4.0 – Atlanta Affordable Homeownership Program (AAHOP)- Vine City Renaissance Initiative

Most other programs have been terminated or might be scams.  See other programs that at one time were available here at the FHA website.

On July 30, 2008, the Federal Government passed H.R. 3221 – Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. Section 2113 of the bill prohibits seller-funded DPA (Down Payment Assistance) for loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration.

Prior to this bill, the seller could contribute up to 6% to the buyer to cover either a down payment or closing costs on an FHA loan. The changes are effective October 1, 2008.

The bill is means the elimination of Non Profit Down Payment Assistance. Only Government funded housing grants are available for Down Payment Assistance under the American Dream Down Payment Assistance Act.

8-20-2010 Update:  Almost 625,000 people were helped with DPA programs from 2000-2005; in 2004, 31% of 510,000 FHA single family DPA from non-profits v. about 6% in 2000; the GAO warned that the DPA programs were artificially inflating prices; and IRS Commissioner (Mark Everson) raised concerns.

8-26-2010 Update: The Atlanta Development Authority offers a downpayment assistance program for properties within the Atlanta BeltLine Tax Allocation District city limits.It appears that the only low cost loan program available for home Buyers is an FHA loan that requires only 3.5% down payment.Note: According to, about 25% of subprime loans; 7% of prime loans; 14% of FHA loans; & 7% of VA loans were delinquent as of Feb-2010.

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