Are you following the real estate hype?

Are you getting pretty tired of getting jerked around?

Housing prices are going up – better buy before they’re too high!

Mortgage rates rising – buy NOW!

Prices are rising – buy NOW!

11-26-2013: WSJ, 11-23-24-2013, A1 reported housing advances were slowing down from lowered prices and more inventory coming into market. This further proves the real estate market is an ever changing market with interest rates, inventory and demand levels, and other market changes and so very heard to predict or track.

10-25-2013: Good News in Housing With No Declines in 300 Markets
Home prices in about 300 major cities are going up!

Housing starts up – whoopeee!

Housing Experts say – buy-buy-buy!

In August 2012, this report state there were still 11 million homeowners underwater on their mortgages and consumers were still in debt.

Hey, calm down – if it ain’t the right time to move in and sit on a property for a few years or you can just take the time to look, just wait until it is the right time for you. There’s always a better house and always a right time to do things – just don’t get caught up in the hype!

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