Atlanta Regional Commission – Fact, fiction or do they matter at all?

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1-15-2015: I think I heard a Georgia State Congressman say that there should be a statewide transportation system and not individual systems in each county…so that the state needs can be met instead of allowing each county to decide what’s best for its citizens.

8-5-2014: The Atlanta Regional Commission is an intergovernmental agency (follow the money) between the City of Atlanta and the 10 counties surrounding it (follow the money), universities, chambers of commerce (follow the money)civic organizations, and economic development authorities to encourage economic development growth for the overall region (did I mention follow the money?). MDJ, 8-5-14, B1.

Now when today’s (8-5-14) Marietta Daily Journal article disclosed Tim Lee’s statement that Cobb needs to take responsibility as a leader in policies for the region…coupled with the reported 60% of Cobb residents who travel outside Cobb to work, I could only read between the lines that a new (BRT) bus system he’s pushing will become a reality to transport workers to Atlanta in exchange for criminals to Cobb. MDJ, 8-5-14, B1.

5-8-2013: They’ve been pretty quiet lately – not a good sign since they are probably selling us down the river to build a super fat train to nowhere that nobody will ride after the politicians cut the ribbons!

8-31-2012: state law requires each County to belong to one of the 12 area regional commissions? The ARC has a staff of 161 employees. It’s 2012 budget is about $59 million. About 70% comes from Federal Gov’t; 16% from State of Ga; & remainder from local gov’ts. The ARC apparently has the authority to build transportation projects. One worthless project is a 30 year transportation plan…what a waste! In 30 years, we’ll be dead or gone or much will change, so why are we paying these folks? It is only there to satisfy some “arbitrary” Federal Air Standards. We get what we pay for – a constantly evolving transportation plan that never is implemented because it won’t work in reality. Source: MDJ 6-17-2012 Page A1

8-1-2012: YES – TSPLOST is defeated – now, can we get an “intelligent” solution to traffic and not have 15% of funds toward non traffic issues.

According to Charles Krauter (ARC Director), the “PLAN 2040” (whatever anyone knows about 30 years from now…) is based on 2 requirements – A federal requirement to perform a long range transportation plan every six (6) years and a Georgia state requirement from the Department of Community Affairs to perform a regional development plan every 5 years (in other words, they are planning to plan).

This may be the first time the ARC is developing a comprehensive plan (oh yeah, what have they been doing so far – pocket pool?).  How much have the citizens of Georgia spent on the ARC and how many “solutions” have they presented to solve “real” problems.

ARC estimates that the 20 county metro Atlanta area will grow by 3 million people totalling about 8.3 m million.

The ARC outlines some challenges for the area like availability of water, aging population, 75% of the population have no other option to drive to other destinations, and the area needs more funds and better management of those funds.

Bottom line:  Watch out for the ARC to come to the conclusion we need to build more rail transportation…but between which two cities and who will profit from this construction?

Source:  Atlanta Business Chronicle, 11-5 thru 11, 2010, Page 4A.

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