Catios – playgrounds for cats at your home

If you have a cat and wish to offer it some outdoor playtime, but are afraid another animal can reach it or inflict any harm, then why not build a — catio.

A catio (patio for cats) is a “fully” enclosed, covered outdoor playground area for your cat(s).

In those times where your partner misbehaves, you can also put them out with the cats to play and blow off some steam!

Catios can run into the thousands of $ since they might be built just like a sun-room would…

You should make sure it’s secure and no access in or out unless from inside the house; views of the outside; ventilation; maybe a fan in summer or heater in winter; plenty of play toys; scratching or climbing posts; litter-box; and water…and maybe a chair or seat for you too?

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