Cobb County – Weekend subdivision directional signs (WSDS)

(c) Weekend Subdivision Directional Signs (WSDS) is a name for signs that provide directions to a residential subdivision that is offering new houses for sale on a “temporary” basis. “New” for purposes of this definition shall mean houses that are located in a subdivision that has filed its final subdivision plat within two years of obtaining the permit for such temporary sign. (Not sure what happens if more than 3 years…I guess they just pay another fee and get an extension?)

(1) Hold your seats boys and girls…here’s the justification for the code: Many people travel through the county on a daily basis. Traffic hazards and distractions must be minimized. The clutter created by an excess in number, size and height of signs negatively impacts the general appearances of an area, lessens the aesthetic qualities of an area and intrudes upon the residential character of an area. However, people at times need the benefit of directional signs to help them find their destinations. Properly regulated, such directional signs may actually aid the flow of traffic while limiting the negative impact of such signs on the aesthetic qualities of an area. The following regulations recognize the difference in weekday and weekend traffic and are intended to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents, visitors and businesses of the county, including the aesthetics of the community. Improperly located WSDS or prohibited WSDS are hereby determined to pose an immediate safety threat and traffic hazard to members of the public traveling on county roadways.

(2) All WSDS shall be required to obtain a permit per location. The permit shall be available thru the county’s code enforcement division and shall require at a minimum:

(i) Permission: Property owner’s permission to install the WSDS.

(ii) Permit identification on sign: Each permit for a WSDS shall include a 24-hour contact number. Each WSDS must affix a permit sticker provided by the code enforcement division.

(iii) Construction: WSDS shall not exceed four square feet of sign area and three feet in height and may be double-faced. WSDS shall be mounted on an independent single or double pole device. WSDS shall not be affixed in any manner to trees, natural objects, streetlight poles, utility poles, other signs or other sign structures. WSDS shall be made of metal, plastic, laminated cardboard or some other durable and waterproof material. No sign shall be made of paper.

(iv) Location: There shall be only one WSDS for any given place, activity or event per 300 feet of road frontage, and within a three mile radius of the ultimate location to which it provides direction. No WSDS shall be located closer than 14 feet from the back of curb or edge of pavement, or one foot behind the right-of-way, whichever ensures that the WSDS is not within the right-of-way.

(v) Time allowed: WSDS shall be allowed from 3:00 p.m. on Friday to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. It shall be the responsibility of the sign owner to remove all WSDS, including all stakes, anchoring or pole devices, etc., prior to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.

(vi) Expiration: Permits issued for WSDS shall expire six months from the date of issuance.


(1) Does the effort to place Weekend Subdivision Directional Signs (WSDS) require a permit – YES.

(2) Do the signs have to be placed within a 3 mile distance from the new home subdivision? – YES.

(3) Does a property owner need to agree to have the sign placed in their yard? – YES.

(4) Does a permit need to be issued for anyone to place the WSDS? – YES.

(5) If a permit is required, how long will it last? – it shall expire six months from the date of issuance.

(6) Does anyone really follow this rule? – Probably not since Government offices are usually closed for the weekend, it’s usually not enforced….is it?

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