Georgia Department of Community Affairs and $280 Million/year

Georgia Department of Community Affairs provides comprehensive counseling for Housing needs.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is responsible or the use of almost $300 Million each year from state and federal funds dedicated to community development, economic development financing and housing activities for the State of Georgia. It was created in 1977 to serve as an advocate for local governments, but merged with the Georgia Housing and Finance Authority (GHFA) in 1996. Today, the DCA operates a host of state and federal grant programs; serves as the state‟s lead agency in housing finance and development; promulgates building codes to be adopted by local governments; provides comprehensive planning, technical and research assistance to local governments; and serves as the lead agency for the state‟s solid waste reduction efforts. In Fiscal Year 2009, GHFA provided comprehensive housing counseling services to about 4,200 Georgia clients and through its network of housing counseling agencies, funded and served 14,374 clients.

You can find various useful information on its website such as the “Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook”; any down payment assistance programs the state is authorized to support; and other Government housing related programs.


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