“Going green” in real estate – More Government control?

10-7-2014: I heard that California is considering prohibiting plastic grocery bags at grocery stores…and forcing restaurant to recycle at least 1% of their food by providing it to homeless shelters, compost, or other uses instead of simply throwing in the trash.

Just what do your local government officials think up to control your life and charge fees for that control in the name of “going green”?  I can see the day where it may be mandatory for you to convert all plumbing fixtures into low flow;  HVAC & H2O systems into high efficiency; and/or windows into double panes before you can sell your home.  It’s only a matter of your time and energy fighting against government control.

Fremont California near Oakland is considering making energy improvements and water saving features in houses mandatory before you can sell your property.  Source:  http://www.insidebayarea.com/news/ci_19844726

The unicorporated (non city) area of Dekalb County Georgia has a similar provision in which you can’t connect to the municipal water supply or start a new account unless a licensed plumber has certified that you have installed low flow water fixtures in your home.  This stems from an EPA regulation in 1994 that new homes must be fitted with toilets that use a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush.  With the older 1.6 gallon flush toilets, that meant that you flushed twice to get the same impact and disposing of waste, which resulted in more water usage.

Sure, the extra water usage from growing populations probably taxed the watershed system of each municipality, but isn’t that what the Government planners are supposed to keep in mind when approving residential/commercial real estate development?  Aren’t you glad we’ve elected smart people in Government to make those decisions for us?

And don’t get me on green building…that’s a whole new boondoggle to sell you stuff untested over time!  It’s just like pharmaceutical medications, a solution to one problem creates side effect symptoms of others.

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