Home Energy Audits by Home Energy Raters (HERS)

It’s a good idea to understand the monthly/annual cost of utilities for a home you plan to purchase. The very rough rule of thumb here in Atlanta is average home owner pays about $250/month for utilities (gas, electric, and water) but this will vary per household size, use, and type of utility used.

Often, if you ask, the seller can provide a summary of their utility costs for the past year or authorize those records to be disclosed to the home buyer. I’m not sure how much the actual energy audit costs.

I’m not sure if the energy audit will be provided or paid for by the home seller in the Atlanta marketplace. My experience is that the seller doesn’t pay for any inspections the buyer wants to perform, but it could be part of the Buyer’s responsibility under the Due Diligence period.

Use www.resnet.us to find a HERS certified auditor.


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