Homestead Exemptions (Discount on property taxes)

This post provides information about the Metro Atlanta Area Counties’ rules on filing different types of Homestead Exemptions and will be updated with new or updated information from time to time.

A  homestead exemption is an annual small reduction from your normal property taxes.  You don’t automaticaly get the exemption as the homeowner. You must apply to the Tax Commissioner in your county for the exemption only once, but usually before a certain time limit each year (i.e., April 1st) in the year after you bought the property.

Usually, local government authorities will decide how much revenue they need to collect during the next fiscal year.  This time limit for filing exemptions is arbitrarily set in order to get all calculations updated and information into the local government so they can decide how much property tax they need charge each property and then prepare the tax bill for those receipts (taking into consideration that some payments will not be made on foreclosures that year and others will not be eligible for exemptions since they are investors).

Many of the Metro Atlanta Counties offer a discount or elimination of school system portion (usually about 65%) of the annual property taxes when at least one of the homeowners reaches age 62.  However, this discount isn’t automatic, must also be applied for, and may have certain restrictions such as income.  Consult your county’s Tax Commissioner’s website or office for details.

Counties often offer other discounts for people with disabilities, veterans, or surviving spouse of public service professionals like police and fire fighters.

  • Basic Homestead
  • School Tax
  • Disability
  • State Veteran’s Disability
  • State > 65 years of age (income limit)
  • State > 65 years of age (no income limit)
  • Surviving spouse of firefighter or peace officer

Cobb County Tax Commissioner

Cherokee County Tax Commissioner

Dekalb County Tax Commissioner

Fulton County Tax Commissioner

Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner

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