House Squatters – Temporary epidemic or here to stay with chronic homelessness?

Beware of leaving your house vacant when trying to sell it…or even for any extended length of time.

Scammers can enter your house, change the locks with new keys, run ads in Craigslist or other places and get $$ from unsuspecting tenants and they can move into the home immediately and you might have to go to court to remove them from YOUR home!

Squtters in Georgia have right to stay in house?

Note: Follow up to the story – there is some confusion…when one attorney is asked, he said that “mediation between the parties is mandatory”…but when homeowner finally asked the Cobb County District Attorney, the decision there was criminal trespassing…this needs more clarification in state and local laws…

Sacramento realtors say squatting is on the rise.

Las Vegas realtors packing heat for protection against squatters.

In Los Angeles, a condo could be lost to squatters?

Punta Gorda squatters vacate woman’s rental home.

Neighbors fed up with squatters in Fresno neighborhood.

Realtors, neighbors concerned over increase in squatters across Albuquerque.

Property owner arrested in squabble with squatters in Germantown.

Neighbors say squatters are trying to take over a Myers Park home.

Some states are paying attention to this…others are in confusion.

New Washington State law to streamline process of removing squatters from homes. Police say if you own a vacant home, make it look like someone lives there. They recommend mowing lawns, turning lights on, and posting “no trespassing” signs.

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