How far away from high tension power lines is it “safe”?

I don’t know…I’m not a health expert.

I’ve heard many things…back of yard is ok….further than 100 yards…never…doesn’t matter…etc, etc,.

Concerns about high tension power lines and their effect on your medical condition were raised in 1979 and more recent studies draw parallel to childhood leukemia and power lines, yet still don’t “conclusively” draw a direct causal relationship through any Electronic Magnetic Field (EMF).

A Federal program was authorized by the US Congress in 1992 to study the issue. It was called EMF – RAPID (Electronic and Magnetic Fields Research and Public Information Dissemination). A major objective of the program was to determine if exposure to electric and magnetic fields affects human health.

In 1995, the American Physical Society (APS) issued a policy statement that there was NO direct causal relationship with developing cancer from exposure to EMFs. Recently published research suggests that electric fields can influence the growth of brain tumors.

In 1999, the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council (NRC) published a review that said it’s less likely that MFs (Magnetic Fields) in residential and business environments have important effects on health.

But the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) said EMF exposure has some evidence of exposure and its correlation to leukemia.

…Bottom line answer: It all depends on what research you believe and if you trust the source of information in order to make the decision whether it’s important to you. Just remember, Agent Orange never affected Vietnam vets and DNA testing has never found any convicts in jail that were not-guilty!

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