How safe are closing attorney databases?

Update April 30, 2015: One attorney found the email address of the fraudster was different from the actual seller’s email address by just one letter – this attempt to defraud the attorney is scary.

I recently was informed of a local metro Atlanta closing attorney that his computer system was breached and his email was compromised…but that also means that it’s possible his computer network was also compromised.

So what’s going on with the social security numbers of all the Buyers and Sellers around the country? Are their identities protected from fraud? Aren’t these the same individuals these days with excellent credit history? Who is protecting them?

In addition to providing your social security number to every doctor or medical professional service you encounter, so they can file lien or bad debt against you if you don’t pay, both Buyers and Sellers are also required to provide social security information to the closing attorney to “apparently” file with the IRS even as a Buyer?

What is this becoming but a proliferation of your identity theft exposure…

The only recourse you have right now to protect your identity from theft is “freezing your credit“!

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