How to embezzle HOA funds

Update 1-7-2015: Protecting Against Embezzlement In Your HOA includes check and balance system and some insurance

In the same thought pattern of the SouthPark episode where the underpants gnomes steal underwear and turn it into profit, I am thinking of the case here in Acworth, GA (just north of Atlanta, GA – another embezzlement capital of corruption)…

Step #1: Find a crooked person

Step #2: Put them on an HOA board.

Step #3: Embezzle!

That’s just about what the McEver Wood HOA Board member who embezzled $44,000 (and even though paid it back after getting caught) and is facing criminal charges…

Oh, and I can hear the liberals going bat crazy over this one… “but he paid them back”…. yes, only after (a) stealing it and (2) getting caught and back peddling try to save their butt….just like our current President?

Source: Marietta Daily Journal, November 8, 2013, A1.

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