HUD’s 2014 Annual Report on Mortgage Insurance Fund Status to US Congress

Foreclosures are down 68 percent since the height of the crisis and recoveries to the Fund have improved 68 percent from their lowest level.

FHA’s mortgage insurance fund’s overall Economic Net Worth has improved by $6.1 billion from a negative balance to a positive $4.8 Billion balance in 2014, but is it sufficient enough to withstand another significant downturn or increase in foreclosures?

The economic value of the HECM portfolio deteriorated from positive $6.5 billion to negative $1.2 billion…possible future bailout issues?

Continued focus on aggressive loss mitigation and recovery actions…which are the subject of some HUD OIG audit reports.

Total number of FHA mortgages in 2014 was 7.7 million.

Read this link for full report:

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