Immigration Visas – how to ripoff the US?

First, the US companies who contract to get foreign technology worker instead of using US citizens are partially to blame for creating a market that is subject to abuse. Comment: I would like to see evidence that the US doesn’t have equally talented individuals who can provide the same or better level of service. Or do the US companies employing foreign workers just want to avoid any extra costs of employing US citizens?

Next, the recent $34 Million court case settlement with Infosys should spotlight the immigration visa system problems and propensity to circumvent the system for profit.

Basically, there are 2 types of employment visas:

B-1 visa: Costs about $160, takes a matter of “days”, and is generally to be used for immediate, and unique short term problems for a specific problem such as consulting with business associates.

H-1B visa: Cost about $5,000, takes a matter of “months”, and is to be used for longer term support roles designed to allow business professionals (who’ unique set of skills are unavailable in the US) to work in the United States for a specific amount of time.

Now, if you wanted to shave expenses and make more profit, which path would you try to take? Yep, it’s a built in design to make service providers lie to reduce their costs and increase revenue.

Do I think the US Congress will resolve the immigration system problem soon – I say a big NO!

Sources: NY Times and WSJ 10-30-2013

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