Lien laws in Georgia – Contractors can place a lien on your home

Go to Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection website and search for “Liens” and find the ones placed on your home to review how to prevent them and what can happen to your property and steps you can take up front to protect yourself.

People who contribute labor or materials to improve a new or existing home are allowed to file a claim of lien (Materialmen lien) against the home if they do not get paid.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle (9-3/9-8, page 7B) – a lien waiver (expiration of lien), becomes effective after 60 days, even if the contractor doesn’t get paid.

According to the GOCA, liens expire¬†after twelve months – as long as the contractor doesn’t pursue the lien in court – whether small claims or other court.

These are the steps that contractors have to follow to file liens.

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