Obamacare – Doorway to single payer (Government) Insurer

2-26-2014: Government security experts fear State run computer systems connected with Obamacare will become compromised by hackers. Source: MDJ, 2-26-2014, 3A. (Note: We all know that eventually, all systems will probably be hacked, but we will probably spend billions more $ chasing security issues we shouldn’t have started…and that doesn’t count the billion$ spent by consumers to correct their breached personal information and identity theft.)

Don’t like the way it was forced on us from Federal Government, but that’s the agenda toward single payer-provider (i.e., Government managed) healthcare industry which will drive costs up and quality of care down.

I think if left alone or given standards to shoot for, each US state could design something to unite their citizens on plans that would have generated from the ground up, not top down which never works…no matter how much of our money gets thrown at it….especially about $700 Million toward just advertising of healthcare.gov.

Here is a simple list of some continuing problems (more problem will be added to it as I learn them):

  • Health insurance orphans: Those who the government claims are enrolled but the insurer has yet to receive insured enrollment information…so they can’t be processed to receive health are coverage.
  • Duplicate identification # for different enrollees.
  • Gov’t failed to install software sort of enrollees so insurer has to “manually” check all insured names to ensure coverage and this takes time and money…money sure to be passed on in higher insurance rates next year.
  • Fewer young people, one of the primary groups of expected supporters who were the basic expected buyers of these exchanges, haven’t signed up to support insurer revenues and probably will drive exchange premiums even higher.
  • Wal-Mart insurance plans beat healthcare.gov insurance plans on a comparative basis – and they’re cheaper at Wal-Mart!

Come on America – we can do better than to slough off healthcare to an entity (i.e., Federal Government) who does one job real well through its military – brake things and kill people!

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