Sewer overflows in Cobb County

12-16-2014: Sewer overflow of 140 gallons caused by grease on Dec. 5 on Wild Oats Court in Marietta into Noses Creek tributary.

11-4-2014: (Oh, how appropriate to report this on election day!) 340 Gallons of wastewater overflowed into the Chattahoochee River at 7131 Discovery Blvd in Mableton, GA on 10-29-2014 – just in time for the ghosts and goblins and halloween trick-or-treaters.)

10-13-2014: Two reported overflows: (1) 160 gallons of sewage into Sope Creek at 172 Kings Row and (2) 170 gallons of sewage into Winter Lake at 546 Stoneywood Trace in Mableton.

9-17-2014: Two sewer overflows: (1) Marietta – about 240 gallons into Sope Creek off Fairfield Drive and (2) Mableton – about 750 gallons into Buttermilk Creek off White Blvd.

8-15-2014: 100 gallons of wastewater flowed into Lake Acworth Monday Augsut 11th.

8-9-2014: Two overflows in Austell. One sewer overflow of 130 gallons discharged into man made lake near 2000 East-West Connector on 8-7-2014. Another 170 gallon discharge into Chattahoochee River tributary near Six Flags Parkway on 8-5-14.

8-2-2014: Over 600 gallon of sewer wastewater spewed out into Sope Creek on Old Fuller Mill Road on Thursday 7-31-14.

What is with all these recent sewer overflows in Cobb County?

Nothing like this has happened in years and yet three overflows of raw sewage have occurred in the past few weeks…Austell, Powder Springs, East Cobb…maybe many other locations.

The Cobb County Water Department have been positioned at the manhole cover across the street from me every week for about 3 weeks trying to dislodge a clogged line…

Do we have citizens or immigrants who don’t understand sewage systems, stupid tenants, home owners who are flushing oils and greases down in the sewers now which tend to clog the lines, etc,?

All I can say is – people are more ignroant now than ever before after all we spent on the US educational system!

Ignorance is plentiful!

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