Should you pay to get a copy of your Deed(s)?

This is not intended to be legal advice, just a friend talkin’ here…

First, let’s define a deed..

A Deed is a transfer of rights..

Three popular Deeds to record real estate transactions are:

Quit Claim Deed – transfers any property ownership rights you “actually have” to another party.

Warranty Deed is a type of transfer of property rights you have in a property.

Security Deed is your mortgage or your lender’s right to your property until the mortgage is paid in full.

All of these documents are normally recorded in the “local government authority legal real estate records” office and mailed to you by the closing attorney who assisted in closing the loan on your purchase or refinance.

If the closing attorney’s office doesn’t mail these forms to you (highly unlikely since it’s poor service), both can be obtained by visiting the real estate records office in your community (usually a county courthouse) – for free or small copy fee.

The reason you need to have a copy is to have proof that the deeds exist and you own the property – just in case someone comes knocking at your door and asks you if you really own the property…or the public records get destroyed in fire or flood (yes, it has happened)

One of many articles warning of crooks asking you to pay for a copy of your deed(s) which you already should have anyway

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