Some reasons to list your home for sale with an agent

For those of you who ….have plenty of time on your hands to deal with all relevant details of a real estate transaction from knowing if the Buyer is qualified understand real estate contract law; knowledge about home warranties; pest control; home inspections; contract negotiations; or allowing the general public freely roam about your home without you following them around and making them feel uncomfortable sharing their thought about the home, come in to see your home.

If you are in a hurry and are relocating to another part of the country, an agent can assist with details of transaction while you focus on the employment and move.\

If you never sold a house before and are not comfortable with the process.

If you are uncomfortable about showing your home by yourself to perfect strangers or anyone who stops by to see the house. Are you sure they are qualified, legitimately looking to purchase a house and not scouting the house for valuables to be stolen later.

If you’ld rather spend time doing something else besides answering several unqualified callers’ questions about your house and how low a price you would take.

If you’re thin skinned and will be offended by a personal comment regarding your taste in paint color, floor choice, or other decorating decision.

If you dislike the process of negotiations back and forth with a purchaser.

I’m sure you may even think of more reasons. Also, some people have the ability to deal with the entire transaction themselve, but not everyone.

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