Subdivision Ladder

Call me a hopeless romantic and assume residents in a subdivision are trustworthy and responsible…but I’m also a realist and understand human nature disappoints!

But wouldn’t it be nice and cost effective for a subdivision to purchase one or two ladders and allow the residents to borrow them when needed?  That eliminates the purchase of many ladders and storage at the home (which normally won’t have the space to store it).

So many times, I have shown homes with 12′ or higher chandeliers in their foyers and the normal comment is “Wow, how will I change the bulbs?  I’ll have to buy a 12′ ladder to change the bulbs.”

Wouldn’t it be so much better to act as a neighborhood and buy one ladder to share it as you need it?

Note:  My guess is that people will not cooperate to get the ladder(s) back to its proper place in a timely manor and lose control of it – unless they paint it pink or place a GPS chip on it.

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