Termites – Will they eat you out of house and home?

Bottom line message: If you do seek termite damage protection, make sure there is a valid, enforceable termite damage repair coverage in addition to the termite treatment last performed at your residence.

Ok, volumes of information have been published on the subject and most people have an image when they hear the word Termites, but you can learn a little more about them to put potential immediate damage in perspective and how you can control their potential damage to your home.

Termite v. flying ant: Termites have straight antenna (ants have elbowed-bent ones); two similar sized sets of wings (ants have two different sizes); and ants have a distinctive division between body sections.

Some different types of termites:

(1) Eastern Subterranean: Underground or can be above ground from roof or plumbing leaks.
(2) Formosan Subterranean: An aggressive and destructive insect that builds its colonies within the walls and don’t need the moisture in soil to survive.

If you need a non-partial, independent source of information, then Dr. Forschler (Principal Investigator for the Household and Structural Entomology research program) at University of Georgia is the definitive source of termites and termite behavior

Some excellent information from the University of Georgia about termites in Georgia

I’d like to see some form of termite insurance protection and I prefer a liquid treatment application around your home’s foundation, but you can always compliment it with a bait system protection system. Also, look at the foundation around your home every quarter. If you see any suspicious activity (i.e., dirt tunnels along the wall), call your pest control company. Also, check under your kitchen and bathroom sinks – I’ve seen them coming up the side of pipes from ground (especially on slab homes). I also have seen them in basements through tiny cracks in floors or walls and any cardboard boxes stacked against the walls will attract termites.

Here are some other websites and information about them that may help you understand how to protect your home from their infestation.

http://www.heimer.com/information/termites.html – Some facts here about termites like a colony can devour 1ft run of 2×4 in 4 months and several colonies can attack your house at one time…also, this website provides descriptions of swarming termite and ants, termite damage, and other information about termites

Realty Times article on caring for your home and protecting it from termites.

Some more information about termites from the termite institute.

References to products and services are not a specific endorsement, but the user must perform their due diligence and investigate whether the product or service is right for them. I welcome any or all comments that would help others.

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