The ITC – can they help the US Immigration problems?

If only non-US citizen DNA can be patented, that way immigration reformers can approach the International Trade Commission to stop illegal immigrants at the US border!

But seriously, according to Wall Street Journal article “A Backdoor Move to Shut Out Rivals”, the ITC has the authority from the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 to prevent (i.e., ban) “patent infringing items” to cross the US border.

The ITC is supposed to decide these cases on a “public health and welfare” basis and “competitive conditions in the US economy”. Well, transmission of diseases has flourished through international travel and Americans have lost jobs. I say those conditions qualify immigration reformers, including the Dustin Inman Society, with enough food for thought!

Source: Wall Street Journal, 8-29-2013, A6.

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