Who owns the interior and exterior photos of your home?

Are Google’s satellite photos of your home an invasion of privacy or does everyone not care because they now see into their neighbor’s back yards?

Take it one step further, when you are marketing your home to the public, do you also have interior photos of the home to show features of your home to prospective home buyers? Do you care to share your personal furnishings with the general public, some of whom are either nosy neighbors (i.e., self-proclaimed decorating critics) or maybe local criminals? And what does it matter if you do show photos, you are moving, right? So why care? Even the nosy neighbors are going to come over to see inside and get ideas for their home.

Well, how about the new Home Buyer caring not to show the interior views of a home to total strangers and where all possible access points, alarm panels, or otherwise revealing the interior of your new home. It’s one thing to see the photos of home interiors to compare features of various possible homes, but once you move in and even though you change furniture placement, paint, or flooring…do you feel uncomfortable that basically your home is viewable from anyone in the entire world?

Can you remove previous photos of your new home’s interior or exterior from the internet? Probably not entirely. Or perhaps the realtors can use your home’s exterior photo to advertise previous properties that have been sold. Also, Realtor Multiple Listing Services (MLS) normally delete those photos after a specified length of time (i.e., probably about 90 days after to use as sales listing or appraisal comparables). I’m sure if you pressed the issue with them, you can request them to do so and they should comply. Please consult with your real estate agent to address concerns, or contact the local MLS to remove photos.

In these days of smartphones and the number of cameras out there, even the potential Buyers visiting the home will snap photos of interior to help remember the homes they visit…are you ok with that?

Bottom line: In this day and age, if you are really paranoid of who sees the interior of your home, you have concern and not sure how you can stop it in the short run…maybe an enterprising unemployed attorney will file a class action lawsuit, but not sure of the extent of “damages”???

Source of ide for blog Post: Some buyers don’t want to show off the photos of their new home.

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