Zillow’s “Make-Me-Move” may get you going?

I had a recent former client throw an absurd figure on Zillow’s “make me move” option and he got a reply…but sorry, no sale – just testing the waters.

But apparently, of the 150,000 or so people who posted their MMM prices, there are a small percentage (around 2%) of those who have sold and moved…

Also, selling about 7% less than asking prices where listed properties are selling about 4% less than asking price (of course Sellers may have started with higher than normal prices) ….Other statistics showed that about 60% of sellers had fewer than 1000 square feet for sale and about 85% had fewer than 2,000 square feet…

So it might work in small places in downtown New York, Chicago, or San Francisco…or Igloos in Alaska?

Source: Wall Street Journal, 3-29-2013, Page M12

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