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4-13-2016: Appeals Court questions constitutionality of CFPB, attacks Director Cordray. Big question: How far does CFPB authority reach. More specifically in this case: “Does the CFPB have authority to assess huge $109 million fine when another law judge already assessed a $6+ million judgment?”

4-11-2016: The Essentials Checklist for Newly Married Homeowners

4-10-2016: The US Treasury 10 year note (that is used to parallel movement in mortgage interest rates), settled at 1,77% on 4-8-2016. Core consumer price index was 2.3%. This means that the effective rate of growth of the 10 year note is negative.

4-9-2016: About 246 million desktop & laptop computers were sold in 2015, but that was down 11% from previous year. (Not real estate related, but very interesting.) Source: WSJ,4-6-2016,C12

4-8-2016: 1st time homebuyers can be…Landlords?. Not so fast there oh wise one…there’s alot to consider on this one before you jump on this train. Consider the pros and cons first…

4-8-2016: Tight home inventory levels are helping to drive up prices. Typically, there is a 6 month inventory of homes, but currently running about 4 months. Source: WSJ, 3-21-2016, C1

4-7-2016: Why Home Buyers Really Need to Hurry.

4-6-2016:HOA must accommodate religious beliefs.

4-5-2016: Cancer Risk From Lumber Liquidators Laminate Wood Flooring Was Underestimated: Report. This is related to the safety of products manufactured in China. It was questioned by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)and a $2.5 million out of court settlement resulted. WSJ, 3-23-16, B3.

4-4-2016: Things to keep in mind when choosing a home inspector.

4-3-2016: 5 Tax Benefits of Owning a Second Home.

4-1-2016:Foreclosure firms are becoming an endangered species – See more at: http://realtybiznews.com/foreclosure-firms-are-becoming-an-endangered-species/98732507/#sthash.WaT0S25z.dpuf

3-31-2016: 5 Steps to Take When You’re Ready to Sell Your House

3-30-2016:Three median price home levels are defined as: those national prices of $154,156 (bottom 3rd); $267,845(middle 3rd); and $542,805 (upper 3rd). Movement between these tiers depends on many factors, including adequate inventory levels in each tier and the old demand-supply rules apply and will affect each tier’s price. The inventory levels of all three have decreased riving prices up and making it harder for people to trade up. WSJ,3-21-2016, A3

3-29-2016:Cancer Risk From Lumber Liquidators Laminate Wood Flooring Was Underestimated: Report. This is related to the safety of products manufactured in China. (China again…do we see a pattern developing or continuing here?) It was questioned by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)and a $2.5 million out of court settlement resulted. WSJ, 3-23-16, B3.

3-28-2016:EB-5 Investor Visa Demand Is Booming – U.S. Immigration Program for Foreign Investors Sees Demand Surge

3-26-2016: Phoenix company faces lawsuit for alleged real estate scam targeting Spanish-speaking families. Shakespeare, if alive today, would pen “A scam, in any other language, smells as bitter!”

3-25-2016: Happy Easter holiday – may you be blessed this weekend with the joy of Jesus Christ and His offer to you of salvation!

Schaumburg real estate executive pleads guilty to tax evasion

3-24-2016: New Twist on the Sex-Offender Registry: Financial Crime Registry posting people who have committed financial crimes against people. This is interesting to publicly acknowledge a criminal’s past actions to warn people from falling for their schemes.

3-23-2016: The US Supreme Court may agree to hear a case (#15-610) of a debt collection attempt that was denied because the effective state laws prohibited certain terms and conditions of the debt, namely interest rate. If the Court doesn’t hear the case (and allows the decision to stand), it will effectively empower states to establish their own consumer protection laws. If the court hears the case and reverses the decision, it sets precedence for other debt collectors and debt buyers that they can ignore state laws in collection practices. To hedge against tougher state laws regarding debt collections, some firms are buying portions of debt and leaving them in banks who are exempted from some laws. Source: WSJ, 3-21-2016, C6.

3-22-2015: Thousands (<50,000) of (underwater) homeowners will be eligible to have their mortgage balances cut under a plan approved by the federal regulator (Federal Housing Finance Agency – FHFA) of mortgage-finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac…(Just call 1-800-UNCLE-BARRY, pledge eternal allegiance, and get free money, y’all – good use of your taxes?)

3-21-2016:Foreign Buyers Backing Away from U.S. Real Estate

3-18-2016: Think Sex Offenders Drive Down Home Prices? Not Necessarily.

3-17-2016: Too little, too late? Feds aim to ID buyers of real estate hiding behind shell companies>. A new rule took effect this month aimed at ending the secrecy of people who buy real estate via anonymous shell companies. Finally, it seems to have dawned on U.S. Treasury Department officials that this type of property transaction — in which the buyer is listed merely as a “Fill in the Blank LLC” — might be an effective way to invest ill-gotten gains and launder money without having to identify the purchasers.

“We are seeking to understand the risk that corrupt foreign officials, or transnational criminals, may be using premium U.S. real estate to secretly invest millions in dirty money.” That’s what Jennifer Shasky Calvery, the Treasury’s director of the financial crimes enforcement network (known as FinCEN) said when announcing the new rule.

3-17-2016: Just when you thought you would be safe buying a home…. you should have, …….rented?????

3-16-2016: The main three financial ratings companies (Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch) are still in business after their ratings anomalies (inaccurate financial instrument risk valuation and assessment) that were partially responsible for the 2007-2008 financial market meltdown. The financial risk rating model was supposed to have been modified to prevent poor ratings in the future, but apparently it hasn’t. These three firms are still in operation and even though competitors have since come and go, they are still assessing risk. Source: WSJ, 3-11-2016, C1,C3

My Comment: Although the amount of revenue from mortgage backed securities is much lower now (about 10% rather than 50% in 2007-2008), who really knows what other financial instrument has now taken the place of the MBS or CDO and about to terrorize the financial market….once more?

3-15-2016: SHOULD YOUR HOA BE RUN AS A FAMILY BUSINESS?. It all depends…Ozzie & Harriet…or the Sopranos?

3-14-2016: The Essentials Checklist for Newly Married Homeowners…besides the weekend maintenance.

3-12-2016: California thug convicted of kidnapping to commit robbery, kidnapping to commit rape, assault with the intent to rape, false imprisonment, making criminal threats and robbery. He was also convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm and faces life in prison. You know, an upstanding citizen carrying a set of values….especially those you don’t normally cherish.

3-11-2016: The housing market’s growing schism

3-11-2016:Edgewood real estate agent sentenced on embezzlement charges

3-10-2016: Big Banks Paid $110 Billion in Mortgage-Related Fines. Where Did the Money Go? Some went for horses and a stable in New York and other non-housing related reasons…tens of billions go unaccounted for, financial institutions are going to earn that money back from bank deposits, commissions, and investment schemes…and nobody was jailed….priceless!

3-9-2016:Brand-New Homes Get More Affordable for Buyers Wow, is this a misleading headline – it depends on what is defined as “affordable” – at $278,000 who can afford it? Even at current rates around 4%…about $1,200 P&I with 10% down…and don’t forget PMI, Taxes and Insurance on top of it.

3-8-2016: Diversity sought in Commercial Real Estate.

3-7-2016: What’s Causing the Pest Problem in Your Home?….besides your significant other….

3-5-2-16: 7 crucial facts about FHA loans

3-4-2016:Why May Is a Magic Month for Home Sellers. Now remember, as the number of homes on the market increases, the number of potential Buyers increase…so there are more Buyers and more choices…so overall effect could still be your house stays on market longer if it’s not priced correctly or shows well.

3-3-2016: Home-Hunting Tips in a Seller’s Market

3-2-2016: FHA mortgage insurance can’t be terminated and 4 other facts.

3-1-2016:Is Atlanta one of the worst cities for real estate agents?

2-29-2106: Which real estate hot spots are on the rise in Atlanta?

2-26-2016: HOA’s Board Code of Conduct

2-24-2016: The Most Common Questions Asked by Home Buyers—Answered!

2-23-2016: Where in the U.S Are the Most Deadbeat Mortgage Holders?

2-22-2016: Tips for the Millennial homebuyer.

2-19-2016: Ask The HOA Expert: Changing The Management Company. Please be sure to think about this seriously, don’t let it become an emotional decision, and evaluate existing and other HOA management alternatives carefully – including self management.

2-18-2016: Crescent Communities (apartment and office building developer) who owns several residential lots, is starting a home building business. They’re banking on the millennials to come back in droves to buy new, low cost single family housing starting in the mid $300Ks (which is pretty cheap considering most new homes are high $400Ks and above). Their main secret – they already own a number of lots from sunk costs, so why not build and sell homes on them for a profit? WSJ, 2-17-2016, C8.

2-17-2016: Special TRID edition of Borrower Do’s and Don’ts

2-16-2016: Georgia Zoning and Land Use Laws. The Georgia Constitution is the source of law for land development and use.

2-15-2016: Mortgage Lender’s Appeal Hearing Set in CFPB Administrative Ruling Case

2-15-2016:Real estate expert’s five tips for first-time homebuyers

2-13-2016: The Federal Housing Administration’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance (MMI) Fund has grown $40 billion since 2012

2-12-2016:A good real estate agent: how to find, hire

2-11-2016:Overall, anticipation of these hikes (prices and interest rates) – in conjunction with the persistently sluggish wage gains over the last few years and the stock volatility and economic softness that have weighed on Americans in the first month of the new year – could make 2016 a tough year for housing.

2-10-2016: The CFPB’s mortgage initiative is designed to help consumers understand their loan options, shop for the mortgage that’s best for them, and avoid costly surprises at the closing table. Does it accomplish those objectives?

2-10-2016: Housing factoids: Average size of new homes built in 2015 was up 60 feet to 2,720/house – almost half had 4 or more bedrooms (almost 10-15% of the total market has 4 or more bedrooms) – average price of a new home rose to $351,000 since 2009 – only 32% of home buyers in 2015 were first-time home buyers (all time low). Source: WSJ – 1-25-2016-A3.

2-9-2016:Military Buyers Spur VA Loan Program to Record Year

2-8-2016:Some online financial Lenders are eliminating FICO scores from their data to determine loan eligibility…and hoping their new criteria does a better job at predicting reliability. About 8% (19 million) of the us population doesn’t have a FICO score. Source: WSJ, 1-12-16, p.C1.

2-7-2016:Terminology lesson #313 (ask your financial institution what their terms are, but here’s a rough guideline):

HELOCs (home equity Lines Of Credit): normally loans of a certain amount and typically have an adjustable rate tied to US Federal Reserve Short Terms Interest rates (that vary within the period) to be used as many times as you deplete and replenish the amount within a specified period of time with home used as collateral. Probably could be used by folks with sporadic income where a employment bonuses/income varies over the year can help pay off HELOC later.

Home Equity Loan: One lump sum loan (i.e., 2nd mortgage) at a fixed (not adjustable) rate using the equity against your personal residence. Normally, lenders/banks don’t make a home equity loan lend if your home’s loan-to-value (LTV) ratio (plus) the amount of the extra loan is more than 85% and uses a minimum 640 FICO credit score.

Note: Typically an ADJUSTABLE mortgage interest rate is tied to US Federal Reserve Short Terms Interest rates as opposed to conventional FIXED mortgage interest rates normally pegged to the 10 year US Treasury note interest rate.

2-6-2016:14% of U.S. neighborhoods are walkable, affordable, have good schools: Redfin

2-5-2016: Real estate expert’s five tips for first-time homebuyers

2-4-2016: Call it a sellout or back tracking by Federal Housing Finance Agency…they just agreed to allow lenders to take FHFA penalties for some defaulted loans to an arbiter, as opposed to strictly requiring the lender to “buy back” the faulty loan (WSJ, 2-3-2016, C6)…I guess once the arbitration backlog builds up far enough, the FHFA and lenders will negotiate another “buyout” settlement…with a little more Federal taxpayer (borrowed) money???

2-4-2016: They’re baaaaccckkkk…In a different form…just like evil spirits…Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are using synthetic collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) to shift risk from Fannie & Freddie to investors…sound familiar? They are selling these NEW “unsecured & unguaranteed” debt instruments (called “Structured Agency Credit Risk”) to investors who are taking MORE of the risk (and in return a HIGHER return if successful) of default. So far, it is reported that about $800 Billion of the existing $4 Trillion (or about 20% of mortgages Fannie and Freddie are holding) are involved with these instruments. WSJ, 12-31-2015, A12.

2-4-2016: Two Georgia Real Estate Investors Indicted for Bid Rigging and Bank Fraud at Public Home Foreclosure Auctions

2-3-2016: 10 Home Renovations That Offer the Best (and Worst) Return on Investment

2-2-2016: Here’s how loan officers should work with real estate pros – Realistic Goals & Communication

2-1-2016: When the outside temperature has not been above 60 degree Fahrenheit continuously for twenty four hours, the compressor in the condensing unit could be damaged if operated, because the oil in the system will not properly lubricate the moving motor
parts when cold. When the outside temperature is as noted, your inspector will not operate the system(s), and the client should inquire of the seller about any past or present problems with the compressor(s).

1-29-2016: 4 ways to improve loan officer and real estate agent relationships besides begging for better communication from lenders.

1-28-2016: 6 Things Sellers Do That Real Estate Agents Hate

1-27-2016: The CFPB’s mortgage initiative is designed to help consumers understand their loan options, shop for the mortgage that’s best for them, and avoid costly surprises at the closing table. Does it accomplish those objectives?

1-26-2016: Relatively good news about some sub prime mortgages…oh yes, they DO still exist ….angel oak mortgage solutions issued $135 million in December 2015 alone…but had average down payments of over 25%, average credit scores of over 680, and an interest rate of >7%….not like the typical ones that defaulted and helped push us into the 2008 financial system crisis…Source: WSJ, January 19, 2016, C6.

1-25-2016:Buying a Home in 2016? Here’s What You Need to Know

1-22-2016: 5 Things Your Real Estate Attorney Wishes You Knew

1-21-2016: 5 Huge Mistakes People Make Furnishing Their New Home

1-20-2016: Financial Services Committee Hearing Case For Flood Insurance Reform

1-18-2016: Is the “Tiny House” craze a bold lie? Some say many of its most vocal proponents are upsizing.

1-15-2016: Several large hedge funds and investors are suing for hundreds of millions in losses due to the handling of credit derivatives and swaps after the financial crisis. Last year (2015) >10 large Wall Street banks settled out of court (for about a total of $2 Billion – a mere pittance of all losses) on accusations that they conspired to prevent competition in credit derivatives market – but nobody was hanged…and exact amounts and terms of the payout to each “claimant” has been settled yet…but one belief is that some will get up to $150 million. Just not enough justice in the world now is there? Source: WSJ – 1-11-2016, C3.

1-14-2016: 4 facts home buyers and sellers don’t know about real estate agents

1-13-2016: Jury Selection to Start in Real Estate Agent Killing Trial

1-12-2016: New Mortgage Securities Are Growing Business For Fannie, Freddie: WSJ

1-11-2016: How Personality Traits Affect Your Real Estate Decisions

1-8-2016: TRID Causing Noticeable Delays -Ellie Mae

1-7-2016: What’s Dragging Down the Value of Your Home?

1-6-2016: Real estate industry seeing positive results from TRID

1-5-2016: What to expect in the 2016 housing market

12-31-2015: HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016 Real Estate Predictions

12-30-2015: New Federal Rules for Mortgage Forms Blamed for Delaying Loans Effort to make terms easier to understand delays loan processing, critics say

12-29-2015: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are hopelessly lost to the Federal Government tentacles (regardless of any threats of Federal lawsuits from shareholders) and being an easy cash-cow for the US Treasury, why give up the cow and give away the free milk too?

12-28-2015: What to Expect in a Real Estate Closing

12-24-2015: U.S. Existing Home Sales Plunge in November – National Association of Realtors attributes 10.5% drop to new federal rules for mortgage forms

12-22-2015:Defense Spending by State in FY2014

12-21-12015:Foreign Real Estate Investors Unfazed By Strong US Dollar

12-18-2015:Real Estate Column: What all first time home buyers need to know

12-17-2015:5 Things Your Real Estate Photographer Wishes You Knew

12-16-2015: Are Neighborhood Watch Signs Killing Home Sales?

12-15-2015: http://www.builderonline.com/newsletter/sundown-on-relief-for-distressed-homeowners_c”>Relief for Distressed Homeowners? Personally, I’m willing to bet ‘neither’ party, with the pending Presidential election year, will ‘NOT’ vote to extend this allowance to avoid paying Federal income taxes on a Short Sale or Foreclosure…

12-14-2015:Here’s Where Retirees Will Want to Live in 2016

12-11-2015:Deed Fraud is Becoming a Common Issue in the U.S.

12-9-2015: Home prices are rising but there still is a lack of inventory. September 30, 2015 marked the 44th consecutive month in which home prices rose year-over-year. WSJ, 11-24-2015, A2.

12-8-2015: Service animals allowed in no-pets complex

12-7-2015: Most common real estate problems new agents face.

12-4-2015: What Security Issues Do You Need to Consider Before Buying Real Estate?

12-3-2015: Something you should know about real-estate agents on Zillow – A high percentage of those agents advertising on Zillow enjoyed more dual-agency (represented both Buyers and Sellers in same transaction) commissions, according to a recent report from Morgan Stanley. Specifically, it found that 60% of those real-estate agents who advertised as a “premier agent” on Zillow received a 30% increase in these dual-side deals.

12-2-2015: Local real estate agents are now preparing to protect themselves from criminals

11-30-2015: Although Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have recently reported losses, under current arrangements with the US Treasury Department, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are to send almost all their profits to the government unless they have a loss. Needless to say,shareholders and civil rights groups are calling for them to be dissolved or released from government control Source: WSJ, 11-4-2015, C8.

11-27-2015: Real Estate Management: The Ultimate Safety Checklist for all Property Managers – See more at:

11-26-2015: The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) reported a surplus of almost $24 Billion in its mortgage insurance reserve fund (up from about $5 Billion a year ago). This surge in reserves was primarily due to three factors: (1) the rise in and permanence of FHA mortgage insurance premiums, (2) the explosion in popularity of 97.5% FHA loans (in other words, requires only 3.5% down and a FICO credit score as low as 580), and (3) the value of the reverse mortgage volume grew $8 Billion more than was forecast.

11-25-2015: “Tax Inversion” is the process of acquisition or merger with a foreign corporation and moving the taxing authority outside the former corporate country. This happens for one major reason: the taxation system to where they are moving is far more advantageous. This also means money and jobs get sent out of the former country. That hurts the economy of the country whom is left, which these days happens to be the US based on their burdensome, overly excessive corporate tax structure. The latest rules allow inversion if <60% of US stockholders end up owning the entire new company, which basically ensures alot more inversions in the future (including the currently proposed Pfizer-Allergan merger). So why does this impact real estate? Simple – money flows out of the US economy along with jobs to foreign countries hurts real estate values and purchasing power. 11-23-2015:Georgia Zoning and Land Use Laws including alternatives and appeals processes.

11-20-2015:Breaking Down Real Estate Terms

11-19-2015: Real Estate News: U.S. New-Home Sales Dropped in September

11-18-2015: About Real Estate: Home buyers shouldn’t waste time on stubborn sellers

11-17-2015: According to a Wall Street Journal article (Sound and Fury over New routes – 11-12-2015, p.D1), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is redrawing air traffic routes and causing some residential communities grief who now have air traffic over their homes. This means lower relative values for their real estate and further proof that nothing is permanent and your local real estate environment can change pretty quick.

11-16-2015: IRS Audits (WSJ, 11-4-2015): Revenue from audits declined by >40% to about $7 billion given the IRS had about 20% fewer agents than 5 years ago. The IRS seems to now concentrate in areas of belief of non-compliance. The reduction in staff could also be explained by the IRS scrutiny on some applications for tax exempt status from groups with assumed Republican relationships.

11-13-2015: Forget the future, this is the real estate market right now

11-11-2015: Took long enough…Foreclosure Inventories Declining Faster in Judicial States.

11-10-2015: 4 Things to Know About Real Estate Investments

11-9-2015:Non-bank lenders take big share of mortgage market

11-6-2015: Climate science frauds try to hide data from Congress

11-4-2015: What to expect from U.S real estate in 2016? Here’s what the experts forecast

11-3-2015:8 common myths about real estate that plague buyers, sellers

11-2-2015: Good news for renters, not so much for buyers

10-30-2015:Government-backed mortgage lenders are awful — and essential

10-29-2015:The same culprits are re-inflating the housing bubble

10-28-2015: Some good tips on Developing a Successful Homeowner Association

10-27-2015: 4 important facts real estate buyers need to know

10-26-2015: 4 things you should know about online real estate listings (But online data is getting better and more informative)

10-23-2015: Beware – Buying Property that is about to be Foreclosed – Make sure adequate title search is done and safeguards are provided in the contract.

10-22-2015:Selling your home? How to juggle multiple offers

10-21-2015:What to know about the new mortgage forms

10-20-2015:Builder Confidence Back to Pre-Crash Levels

10-19-2015: Labor Shortage Pinches Home Builders

10-16-2015: Technology isn’t real estate’s big problem – it’s sharing information

10-19-2015: 7 Essential Things Every New Homeowner Needs

10-15-2014:New Mortgage Disclosures Expected to Delay Closings.

10-14-2015: 15 words that each agent and home sellers might consider placing in their advertisements to sell real estate property.

10-13-2015: California Creates ‘Transfer Upon Death’ Deed . (Will this conflict with any requests in wills? Will it open possible fraud charges forging homowner’s name revoking the TOD at any time? Will this really be necessary or should it be handled in the will or just handle with Joint Tenancy? Or is this law strictly for LGBT couples to avoid probate and allow transfer of property even though a will can do the same after probate?)

10-12-15: Dramatic rise in the nmber of real estate agents moving between brokers for higher commissions, better training, and more assistance.

10-9-2015: 9 tips for becoming a successful real estate agent

10-8-2015: Questions to ask when buying a condo

10-7-2015: Some reasong to buy and not to buy condominiums.

10-6-2015: New Mortgage Rules May Spark Delays, Frustration

10-2-2015: Buyers need to do their homework

10-1-2015: Fannie Mae Unveils Mortgage Program to Help Minority Borrowers

9-30-2015 Real Estate Settlement Procedures

9-29-2015: Real Estate 101: Who Regulates Real Estate Agents?

9-28-2015: Understanding closing costs

9-22-2015: Questions to ask when buying a condo.

9-17-2015:Bank of America is reviewing real estate referral deals amid regulatory scrutiny.

9-16-2015: Step-by-step CFPB guide to mortgages

9-15-2015:Real Estate Agents to Extend Contracts for New Mortgage Disclosures

9-2-2015: These may be scary number for real estate: Home ownership may run 20 years! Bad news for house hunters, industry pros…but it’s good news based on home appliance, HVAC, and water heater manufacturers – now their intentional shortened lifespan design shift will be revealed.

9-1-2015: Real Estate Agent Issues: Why Are Real Estate Agents Sued?

8-31-2015: Ensure your home inspector is qualified for the job

8-26-2015: First-Time Buyers Aren’t the Ones Snatching Up Homes

8-25-2015: Young people can afford homes, they just don’t want to be homeowner

8-21-2015: Selling your home? How to juggle multiple offers

8-17-2015: U.S. home rental prices ‘insanely unaffordable’

8-15-2015: What are property taxes like across the country in each state? (It really depends oin the county).

8-14-2015: Cool new app for Real estate agents or criminals or police departments…etc????

8-13-2015: Watch out Zillow: Realtor.com says it’s the fastest growing in online real estate industry

8-7-2015: CFPB (Officially?) Proposes Two-Month Extension (thru 10-3-2015) of Know Before You Owe Mortgage Rule

8-6-2015: Real estate company owner tied up, robbed at gunpoint

8-5-2015: Let your Senators and Representatives know that an extension of the 2011 g-fee increase used to fund a portion of any long-term highway bill agreement will effectively prolong a tax on prospective homeowners and curtail consumers looking to refinance their mortgages.

8-4-2015: Your home loan toolkit or step-by-step guide to understanding mortgages (compliments of Cionsumer Financial Protection Bureau).

8-3-2015: About Real Estate: What buyers should expect when applying for a mortgage today

7-30-2015: Whether They Rent or Buy, Millennials Don’t Want to Drive.

7-28-2015: 5 Cities Where Real Estate Crowdfunding is Thriving.

7-27-2015: Failed real estate sales bring disputes over earnest money deposits when the contract is terminated (mostly over failure of Buyer financing or inspection results).

7-22-2015: When you ask anyone about real estate, they tend to make generalized statements based on their own experiences – not on reality.

7-21-2015: 25 Cleaver Cleaning Tips – Vinegar is your new cleaning buddy!.

7-20-2015: The 2014 rise in home sales last year didn’t create a financial killing for real estate agents. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that the typical agent earned $45,800 ($1,100 less than the previous year) mainly due to a 6% surge min licensees taking share from the whole pot of commisdions.

7-15-2015: Issues surrounding real estate crowdfunding (which allows smaller individual investors to invest small amounts of money toward real estate).

7-13-2015:Are Millennials sold on using a real estate agent?

7-10-2015: The Mortgage Professor: Website features homebuyers should look for

7-7-2015: Nevada lawmakers want to pare down HOAs’ power in foreclosure

7-6-2015: How to become a followed real estate professional on Pinterest

7-3-2015: Home buyer’s checklist

7-2-2015: Real Estate Insider: What is a title and how does it affect real property ownership?

7-1-2015: Title Company Has No Liability For Free Information Provided

6-29-2015: HOA Amendment of CC&Rs Restricting Owner Rental Rights was Valid

6-29-2015: Questions & Tips to Ask When Shopping for a Mortgage

6-26-2015: Many obstacles exist in real estate transactions

6-25-2015: Timing The Real Estate Cycle

6-24-2015: <“http://realtytimes.com/consumeradvice/buyersadvice1/item/32036-20141219-the-three-most-important-responsibilities-buyers-have”>The Three Most Important Responsibilities Buyers Have.

6-23-2015: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) “Residential Real Estate Lending,” booklet for use by OCC examiners.

6-22-2015: Don’t be misled by reverse mortgage advertising.

6-19-2015: 5 Big Changes in the Past 10 Years in U.S. Real Estate

6-18-2015: HUD’s Claim Payment System Did Not Always Identify Ineligible FHA-HAMP Partial Claims

6-17-2015: Foreign investors pose threat to residential real estate. More than $90 Billion in foreign investment of US real estate last year and China alone spent more than $2.7 Trillion of non-Chinese real estate.

6-16-2015: Massachusetts Supreme Court upholds real estate agents’ employment status

6-5-2015: Many obstacles exist in real estate transactions

6-4-2015: Did you know Zillow, Trulia (NYSE: TRLA), Realtor.com — report upward of 80 million visits a month? That’s alot of traffic and reliance on those websites for information.

6-4-2015: Texas is going after those committing real estate fraud

6-3-2015: Existing home sales lower in April as low supply adds pressure

6-1-2015: Watching out for real estate scams.

5-29-2015: 10% of Americans are “Credit Invisible” (a.k.a….NO credit history…)

5-28-2015: 50 Ways to Derail Real Estate Industry

5-26-2015:Is the MLS still the most crucial marketing tool?

5-20-2015: As foreclosures change, buyers have new opportunities.

5-11-2015: How To Get The Fixer Upper Look All By Yourself

5-8-2015: Australia uses Exclusive Buyer Agents – why are Americans reluctant to use them?

5-7-2015: Finding out more about a real estate agent before you hire one.

5-6-5015: Real Estate Crowdfunding start-up Sharestates (which tends to focus on financing fix-and-flip loans) secures $30M from investment fund

5-5-2015: The complete remodeling history of Destin is available online…are other local areas to follow soon?

5-4-2015: In Peter Hendee Brown’s new book “How Real Estate Developers Believe”, the author believes that if people understood more of what developers basically do, they may be a little much more inclined to go along with a developer’s strategy.

5-1-2015: One common mistake of real estate buyers is to make an offer without first getting their loan fully preapproved.

4-30-2015: Student Loan Debt And The Real Estate Market – Oil and Water?

4-29-2015: The do’s and don’ts of posting content online – The first warning – Don’t: Publicize other people’s stories…like this one?

4-27-2015: Mistakes people make when selling a home

4-26-2015: March 2015 Mortgage loan delinquencies – lowest levels since 2007, according to data released Friday

4-24-2015: The do’s and don’ts of posting content online

4-23-2015: Higher interest rates from the Fed raise mortgage rates resulting in fewer home sales…and the return of inflation could ruin real estate

4-22-2015: Is it true that when you move from renting to owning it results in a 78% more expensive monthly bill?

Smart Moves: Tips for selling a common condo

4-20-2015: Smaller Banks Lending Again — Commercial and Industrial Loans Growing at a Double-Digit Rate

4-16-2015: Home-sale mistakes that cost you money

4-15-2015: Here’s where the local housing recovery stands.

4-14-2015: Are posted pool rules enforceable if their content is not written in the HOA rules, regulations or bylaws?

4-13-2015: Solar Panels May Effect Your Home’s Value, In Either Direction.

4-9-2015: It will take a village to close a mortgage in 2015

4-8-2015: Investors Unite fires back at WSJ columnist in Fannie, Freddie recap row

4-7-2015: What modern homebuyers want

4-6-2015: Expected FICO changes to aid risky borrowers

4-5-2015: The Best and Worst Markets for Property Taxes

4-2-2015: A new FICO score will include changes usch as payment history with their utility & cell phone providers; how often they change addresses; and place less emphasis on unpaid medical bills and missed payments on paid off debts.

4-1-2015: Marine mortgage broker, first responders’ wives to offer real estate discounts to heroes.

3-31-2015: Top 5 ways to raise your home’s value — now. And not just wait for the hot real estate market timing.

3-30-2015: New mortgage rules affect loans between family members.

3-27-2015: Biogen’s promising Alzheimer’s drug advances to Phase 3 trial. I would prefer a more natural way to prevent this disease…some reports say Coconut Oil can also retard some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

3-26-2015: Understanding a comparable market analysis

3-25-2015: Underwater homeowners sink deeper, even as home values rise

3-23-2015: Many Cities (>40% of largest US cities reviewed) See Rise in Underwater Homeowners.

3-20-2015: There are at least 13 common types of insurance you can get for a home.

3-19-2015: Crowdfunding picks up for real estate investments. Crowdfunding has been growing – estimated $2.1 billion in 2012.. about $5 billion in 2013…and about $10 billion in 2014…and 2015…expected to double.

3-18-2015: 8 tips for first-time homebuyers – besides running a rent or buy analysis

FHFA watchdog: Another Freddie, Fannie bailout could happen

3-17-2015: What Sellers Should Know About CMAs

3-13-2015: Exclusive: Industry experts discuss readiness for TRID: The new regulation requires the Loan Estimate (LE) (formerly the Good Faith Estimate and Early TILA Disclosures) and Closing Disclosure (CD) (formerly the HUD-1 Settlement Statement) documents to be based on the unique features and attributes specific to each individual loan. This will require a rewrite of the software used and is taking the most time and just might squeeze lender to implement changes by August 1, 2015 start date.

3-12-2015: Some advantages and disadvantages of slab, crawl space, and basement foundations

3-4-2015: Source: http://www.realtor.org/field-guides/field-guide-to-millennial-home-buyers
19% of Millennials agreed with this: “most people can be trusted”
83% of Millennials agreed with this: “there is too much power concentrated in the hands of a few big companies”

3-3-2015: Some comments about slab foundations

3-2-2015: Credit scores are explained but they are mostly results of an algorithm or mathematical formula that attempts to predict the stability (or lack thereof) of human behavior.

y level and first time home buyers dropped to 16% from a 25-28% rate in healthier years…housing starts were up 16% last month…applications for building permits rose >8%.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac forever paying the US Government
Regardless of whatever happens as the outcome of recent investment banking lawsuits to eliminate the US Government’s preferred stock in both companies, Fannie and Freddie are probably on the hook to pay 10% dividends – forever!

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