Crowdfunding for real estate

How Crowdfunding Could Help You Invest in Property… Basically, with real estate crowdfunding, you invest your money in a project or real estate portfolio, and you receive earnings in proportion to your stake.

6 Crowdfunding Pitfalls to Avoid

7-15-2015: Real estate crowdfunding trend presents new challenges, opportunities for financial advisers

7-3-2015:”>The Promising Future of Real Estate Crowdfunding

6-23-2015: Is Real Estate Crowdfunding Right for You?

5-24-2015: Benworth Capital Partners announced a new real estate crowdfunding platform called Fundrageous.

5-21-2015: Crowdfunding Comes to Real Estate: Interview with Patch of Land CEO Jason Fritton.

5-7-2015: Crowdfunding poised to grow real estate investments…to more than $2.5 Billion?

5-6-2015: Real estate crowdfunding company launches at eMerge in efforts tpo raise $50 million

4-29-2015: Home flippers launching entire real estate funds through crowdfunders.

3-18-2015: Crowdfunding picks up for real estate investments. Crowdfunding has been growing – estimated $2.1 billion in 2012.. about $5 billion in 2013…and about $10 billion in 2014…and 2015…expected to double.

3-3-2015: Real Estate Crowdfunding Seen Topping $2.5 Billion in 2015 from about $1 Billion in 2014…real estate industry has >80 active crowdfunding platforms (Realty Mogul, Fundrise LLC, many private businesses/investors, and others)…

2-17-2015: MassVenture (new start-up firm) starts real estate crowdfunding in Texas.

2-13-2015: Crowdfunding continues to grow with RenRen and Fubndrise

1-25-2015: There will be a 2-day Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference during the Real Estate Investors Expo (REI Expo) at the Hilton Anatole, 2201 North Stemmons Freeway in Dallas, Texas on January 24th and 25th.

Crowdfunding is an investment opportunity what allows you to invest small amounts of your money for a return on that investment, but at some level of risk.

There are sites designed to ask friends and strangers for personal financing for vacations, pet operations, personal tragedies or projects like Indiegogo, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, tilt, and others.

But are there any for mortgage loans? Yes and no…

iFunding is a real estate crowdfunding platform connecting investors with developers. iFunding offers two investment options: lending money for a real estate project at a specific interest rate paid by the project’s developer, or purchasing equity in the real estate projects.

California-based Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, DiversyFund, Commences Major Back-End Development on Platform. DiversyFund connects accredited investors to high-quality pre-vetted real estate investment opportunities.


iFunding, Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, Raises $1 million for The Bruckal Group to Expand Residential Community

Fundrise is another real estate crowdfunding platform for investors.

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