2020 Real Estate News

Want To Keep An Eye On Local Housing Trends? Try These 16 Strategies

Moving during coronavirus: ‘It’s really stressful to buy a home in general. This just felt surreal.’

Underground market in real estate looming, agent fears

Home Builders Hammering Away but Fear Slowdown Looms

Real Estate Advice For Home Buyers and Sellers

Real Estate Advice: What to expect from a home inspection

Real estate experts: Now is the time to buy or refinance a home

Realtor.com launches noise indicator to help home buyers

Should you get an appraisal before selling your home? This all depends on whether your home is very unique, or if you have several similar homes nearby that have sold recently.

Understanding Liens in Commercial Real Estate

Is It Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

NAR to Supreme Court: Don’t Hurt Real Estate in CFPB Case

Supreme Court Seems Inclined to Curb Wall Street Overseer

Housing Trends: First-Time Buyers Band Together

Customer or client? Just what are you?

Dear Monty: Who pays the real estate commission? Answer: The Buyer ultimately pays for it in the price of a home…

5 reasons why every real estate agent should embrace podcasting

So Flo Real Estate Group sued over spam text messages

Joe Biden wants tougher standards for real-estate appraisers to help black and Latinx homeowners

Ways the 2020 real estate market may surprise us

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home

Experts predict what the 2020 housing market will bring

Buying a Foreclosure? 4 Reasons Why You Probably Still Need a Buyer’s Agent

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