Most real estate agents suck at this…

…at providing feedback after showing properties….and that’s a shame!

I do my best, but sometimes I’m just as reticent, to provide honest feedback to listing agents after showing a home. But as agents, don’t we all need to do so for the following reasons?:

(1) I was “invited” by a homeowner to come into their home for a preview or to show a client their home and all the features in and around their home. Don’t we owe feedback (as a guest) to the Seller (homeowner)?

(2) Feedback provided to the listing agent may reinforce the ability of that agent to give independent review to substantiate what the agent might have told the homeowner to fix or address during listing agreement engagement.

(3) If no feedback “IS” given, how does that improve the perception of real estate agents? Will the Seller have subjective impression that agents don’t care about “their home? Don’t those negative perceptions travel further and faster than positive ones? (Imagine this conversation: A homeowner goes to work after showings the day before and says to his coworkers – “Those agents tracked dirt into the house and none of them said squat above what the Buyers thought of the home. I could have done that myself!”)

(4) No feedback does nothing to inform the Seller to address conditions or that need to be addressed from a Buyer’s perspective to help the Seller sell the property, or does nothing to help your client or the next home Buyer get the property sold quicker. Don’t quicker sales improve the perception of Sellers and Buyers of the need for an agent?

I believe since real estate agents are supposed to balance the extremely competitive (i.e., get the property listing) and ultimately supportive (i.e., help your competitor sell the home to your Client) ends of the same spectrum to make a living, it seems unnatural to “help” the listing agent sell a home. But don’t agents deserve to show their best side to the general public and provide feedback in a neutral PRO v. CON manner?

So as a Buyer Agent, I challenge other real estate agents to step up their professionalism when showing homes to prospective Buyers by providing feedback to the listing agent after showing homes.

I feel that all real estate agents deserve take a few minutes to give feedback (e.g., answer feedback form, send email, or make a call, etc,.) not only since it’s an ultimate negative perception on all agents if we don’t, but it shows well for the listing agent, which also is another positive – right?

References to products and services are not a specific endorsement, but the user must perform their due diligence and investigate whether the product or service is right for them. I welcome any or all comments that would help others.

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