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Wyoming legislators look to add real estate, banking to blockchain laws…. allowing the establishment of banks that could take custody of cryptocurrency assets much like a digital safety deposit box…

Task force to mull putting real estate, mineral rights on blockchain… Blockchain technologies use the power of a network to make a ledger more secure. In a traditional database for accounting or anything else, a single server holds the master copy of data, which can then be accessed from authorized computers. The result is that if the server is hacked or one employee is too loose with login info, you have a data breach on your hands.

For This South Florida Investor, The Future Of Real Estate Is Through Cryptocurrencies… Transparency, ease of transaction and speed of transaction is what is really key for real estate and cryptocurrencies.

It’s Not If the Real Estate Industry Will Adopt Blockchain, It’s When

Real Estate Registry on Blockchain: Promise Land or Wishful Thinking?

Blockchain Use in Real Estate

Blockchain news – changing the real estate investment landscape.

NAR’s venture capital arm is now a blockchain investor

Blockchain Foundry and Noteblock Partner to Develop Tokenized Real Estate Platform

For real estate, blockchain could unshackle investment

Will Realtors Disappear? What Changes 2019 And Blockchain Bring To The Role Of Agents

new application will help users pass on their Bitcoin when unforeseen events occur

Blockchain Solutions By HashCash Increases Affordability And Accessibility To Real Estate Investment

Blockchain & Real Estate: How Tokenization May Be a Game Changer for Investors and Owners

Startup completes first end-to-end international real estate blockchain trial

20 most interesting blockchain companies from a CIO Review Board

Real Estate Investing for Blockchain

Bitcoin and Binance in Real-Estate: Australia to Hold World’s First Live Property Auction Using Crypto
The auction will commence on Apr. 8th and buyers will be able to use Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance Coin (BNB) to purchase a beach-front modern mansion in the town of Casuarina in East Australia.

Blockchain Adoption Is Still At Its Early Stages According To Wall Street Journal CIO Network… Blockchain technology was invented about ten years ago as the technology underpinning Bitcoin

Ohio Eyes Potential Blockchain Benefits in Real Estate Transactions…The County Auditors’ Association of Ohio (CAAO) announced Wednesday that it has formed a working group to determine how blockchain tech can be implemented at the county level to “more effectively” transfer real-estate deeds between parties.

Wills, real estate, escrow top areas to be disrupted by blockchain…In real estate, for example, blockchain could be used for subdividing a piece of real estate into micro-ownership through a token.

Another source: Ontario Bar Association Institute event “Operationalizing Blockchain: Legal Issues and Challenges to Consider” held on Feb. 5.

How Blockchain Will be a Game Changer for Real-estate Industry… blockchain is an encrypted record of digital ledger where information is stored over the entire network. The data in a blockchain can be viewed and stored simultaneously, allowing the real estate sector to streamline their business processes. The information in a blockchain network cannot be meddled with, as data stored in the digital ledger is immutable.

How Will Increasing Adoption of Cryptocurrency Affect Real Estate?

But the main feature that makes cryptocurrency essential is its robust decentralized economic model. Instead of an online system controlled by credit ledgers, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency use an immutable ledger that you can use to complete transactions.


Reducing Title Fraud: Real Estate Looks Toward Blockchain-Based Transactions

Promissing efficiency, accuracy, and security.


Blockchains, it is said, stand to revolutionize enterprise technology by addressing the problems with authentication and identity at the heart of the internet itself, eliminating middle layers in transactions and making it faster and easier to establish provenance.  Source:

CIO Explainer: What Is Blockchain?  A blockchain is a data structure that makes it possible to create a digital ledger of transactions and share it among a distributed network of computers. It uses cryptography to allow each participant on the network to manipulate the ledger in a secure way without the need for a central authority.


Real estate blockchain set to go live in early ’19. New York-based ShelterZoom plans to launch a real estate application that will lets buyers and sellers transact deals over a blockchain-based network, which could make purchasing a house as easy as pressing a button on a smartphone or tablet.

How Real Estate Is Breaking The Blockchain Mold… its primary purpose was to act as a digital time stamp.

10-19-2018: (Word for today is…BLOCKCHAIN)

Post #1: Is it safe to buy and sell real estate on the blockchain? The most important value of the blockchain is that it gives traders the opportunity to directly share the database. With blockchain, power is decentralized and there is no central administrator or set of administrators.

Post #2: Is Blockchain In The Future Of Real Estate? .

Post #3: Real Estate and the Blockchain: A Transactional Perspective.

Post #4: PayPal Alum: How Blockchain Will Change Investing and Why Real Estate Will Be First.

Post #5: Nine Things To Keep In Mind About Blockchain In Real Estate.

1. Technology Will Enhance Security And Transparency
2. Blockchain Will Disrupt The Real Estate Title Industry
3. Relevant Information Is Available On Specific Sites
4. Education And State Approval Will Help Adoption
5. Blockchain Will Form A Secondary Market
6. Blockchain Should Be Integrated Into Entire Value Chain
7. Adoption Starts With Learning, Adaptability And Application
8. Blockchain Will Reshape How Data Is Exchanged
9. Blockchain Is Not Cryptocurrency

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