Some 2019 Real Estate Predictions

Things Renters Should Do Before Signing a Lease

Property Report: Don’t let your brain play tricks on your real estate decisions

7 Tech Companies Poised to Disrupt Real Estate

Sierra Nevada Realtors: 5 real estate trends to expect in 2019 (opinion)

2019 Housing Outlook for Real Estate Investors

No Crystal Ball For 2019 Real Estate 

Forecasts for the housing market in 2019

Real estate tech companies will be tested in 2019

the housing market is seemingly entering a new chapter. Home sales are lagging, the pace of home price appreciation is slowing, and inventory that’s been stubbornly low across the country has seen spikes in certain markets, particularly on the West Coast. Can these companies still thrive if the housing market goes from a seller’s market to a neutral or buyer’s market?

Zillow Makes Its 2019 Real Estate Predictions

Real estate database company Zillow Group expects mortgage rates will rise significantly in the new year, predicting the 30-year fixed mortgage rate will reach 5.8% by the end of 2019. The rate currently stands at 4.55%, according to mortgage buyer Freddie Mac.

U.S. Real Estate Market: Is The Bubble About To Burst, Or Just Getting Started?

The U.S. consumer is seeing their incomes increase at steady rates and consumption is moving along with that. One of the items that consumers will continue to buy is real estate.

Why home buyers could be forced to shrink their budgets in 2019

Rising interest rates are seriously reducing Americans’ home buying power…

Mortgage Industry Preparing Itself for More Real Estate Doldrums in 2019

“We’re still seeing above-trend GDP growth that is likely to slow as the impact of last year’s tax cuts wears off with higher interest rates,” said Calvin Schnure, the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts’ senior vice president of research and economic analysis.

Five real-estate developments we’re watching in 2019

Industrial real estate: Bubble warning, or buy-the-dip?

“Demand for industrial in the U.S. is off the charts,” says a number-cruncher for Cushman & Wakefield. “That market is completely on steroids.”

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