California Lead Based Paint Clean-up Fund

Update 1-27-2015: EPA settles with Student Works Painting, Inc., for failure to comply with lead-based paint regulations at a home in Boise, ID

A California Judge order three paint manufacturers (Sherwin-Williams, NL Industries, and ConAgra Grocery Products) to to share in paying $1.1 Billion into a fund to be administered by the California Childhood Lead poisoning Prevention Branch.

But the decision is being appealed by the defendants challenging the information available decade ago vs what we know today, long after lead was removed from paint.

Note: I’ve been told by some older painters from the 50’s and 60s that they used to add lead in paint because lead made the paint stick to wall/frame better, even though the manufacturers made “lead free” paint.

I’ve got to believe California couldn’t afford to make repairs to state run facilities so the participants tried to hake down current paint manufacturers to pay for distantly past sins no matter if they participated or not.

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Source: WSJ, 12-17-2013, B1

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