Cobb County may waste $1,500 per week on baseballs alone?

Upon my recent walk around Sprayberry High School, I happened to walk around in the weeds outside their perfectly manicured baseball stadium and discovered a number of torn or otherwise used (sometimes new) baseballs – several of which were moved over by a recent mowing of the weeds behind the fence.

Given the 20 or so baseballs I found (one was too chewed up and buried in the mud to make the box), and given they cost nearly $5 per baseball, I’d say I discovered $100 worth of baseballs (which were carefully gathered and left in one location outside the fence). This doesn’t count the number of baseballs inside the fence and just outside the playing field, or in the yards of the houses (existing before the field was built) behind the baseball field.

And since Cobb has at least 15 high schools, and each high school has a baseball team, are we wasting $1,500 a week on lost and unused baseballs?

I assume that some of the high school athletes would posses the agility to retrieve those baseballs so the wasted money could be better spent…maybe on one laptop per week for a teacher or student?

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