Cobb County School System Notes

This post will be updated from time to time to reflect some issues about Cobb County Schools. I welcome any thought you might have to share…

6-2-2014: It was reported that the Cobb School Board authorized eleven (11) more school resource (i.e., police) officers for a total of $575,000 (including benefits) which amounts to about $52,250 per officer…

Cobb School System also authorized $402,000 for six (6) additional groundskeepers (including benefits) which amounts to about $67,000 per groundskeeper.

Define the role of a groundskeeper in the Cobb County Public School system and justify why they have to be school employees and not just hire some independent landscapers when the grass needs cutting and the bushes need trimming.

Now, is there something wrong here or would a resource officer be better off to quit and get rehired as a groundskeeper?

Source: MDJ, 5-15-2014, 5B

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