Generic Drug Lawsuits – Supreme Court Says “Don’t Waste Your Time”!

The Wall Street Journal (6-15/16, B1) revealed some generic drug manufacturers are actually producing brand name drugs because major brand names are coming off patents and now there’s intense competition and a scramble for profits.  Not sure if they are protected under the Supreme Court decision to protect generic drug manufacturers from litigation, but time will tell how the court’s interpretation of law will unfold.

The Wall Street Journal (article in the 6-25-13 WSJ Page B8) reported the Supreme Court decision earlier this year to limit the rights of consumers to bring product liability lawsuits against generic drug manufacturers (but lenient on Brand Name Drug Manufacturers).

The attorney for the plaintiff said the FDA needs to change its requirements for generic drug manufacturers to improve safety information on generic drug labels.

Well, duh!

And what happens if you’re screwed by a generic drug and they say “sorry”?

Com-on – are we really looking to kill a certain number of people each year from medications that don’t have appropriate warnings to keep population in control and health care costs lower?

Obamacare might accelerate this death of senior or unhealthy to keep costs low.

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