Hardwood Floors – Do you really, really need them?

Yes … Yes…They really look nice in the photos when you’re trying to sell your home and when your dinner guests arrive for the party…but…

You need to make sure your guests with pumps, stilettos, and other high heels take their shoes off or you’ll see round indentations the next day like someone pounded a small hammer into the floors all night long…

And if you have any dogs with toe nails, you will quickly see how Fluffy’s happiness to see you through the front door or a short game of hide-and-seek with the dog can do to make long, deep scratches into the floors…often requiring re-sanding and refinishing…at least when you attempt to resell a messy, scratched up hardwood floor.

How about those hardwood floors in the kitchen – just below your sink and food prep area – ever see what happens when you spill water on hardwood floors and don’t immediately get water up to ensure the floors remain dry? Not pretty and downright disgusting, but not to the flooring repair contractor. (Cha-ching!)

And what about sitting on the sofa or recliner? Will you need furniture feet stoppers, or just eventually break down and do what most people do…yes…get some area rugs to stop the furniture slide and …protect the finish on the hardwood floors!

Oh, and let’s not forget every little speck of dirt and those dust bunnies that are not as easily removed as a swipe of a vacuum cleaner attachment over a carpeted area and you have to use a swiffer or dust mop…because…you fear you might scratch the wood!

So…why not just carpet the room and forget the hardwoods and save some money?

Oh right…it’s the elegant look of the hardwood flooring and imaginary feel of elegance. Well, that lasts about one week after you move in…then it’s a mess…

References to products and services are not a specific endorsement, but the user must perform their due diligence and investigate whether the product or service is right for them. I welcome any or all comments that would help others.

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