Mold testing at your workplace? No – you’re fired!

A recent local Atlanta news story about a government building in Atlanta that had been water damaged over time and obvious mold issues arose finally got the attention of the government employer to move employees out of area and repair – remediate the mold.

Testing for mold is not expensive (warning: many “do-it-yourself” test kits don’t result in clear findings and professional testing inspectors require the approval from the employer to perform the testing) but mold remediation can get expensive and most employers really don’t want to take either action because of cost and potential liability to employee’s health.

I don’t know how many employers actually test for mold and ensure their employees work in a clean environment…but my guess is less than 5% of them ever do.

Will your employer (private or government) allow testing for mold inside your office space? –Probably not.

Will they fire you for asking? — Probably will.

Then what are your options? — Shut up and get sick over toxic mold until plenty of individual or class action lawsuits force all employers to think about mold testing, remediation, or best of all mold prevention.

Workers sue company for toxic mold exposure: Does court allow lawsuit?

Source of information about lawsuits regarding mold.

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