Questions about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

The 2019 placement of reinsurance covers portions of NFIP losses above $4 billion arising from a single flooding event. FEMA paid a total premium of $186 million for the coverage.

Update 12-4-2017: The National Flood Insurance Program is broke and full of problems, but reforming it could be costly — and controversial. Regardless of status of Congressional re-authorization (which is highly expected without much revision), the program is widely seen as flawed, with properties that have repeatedly flooded posing exorbitant risk and cost to taxpayers while owners there are incentivized to rebuild rather than elevating their homes or moving out of risky areas. Will the law be rewritten to exclude multiple claimed sites or potential buyout of properties which have multiple claims?

What the different FEMA Flood Zones mean.

According to FEMA, can you answer these True/False questions?

1. Everyone’s property lies in a flood zone?

2. Flood damage is NOT covered by homeowner’s insurance?

3. You can buy flood insurance no matter what your risk of flooding is?

4. There is a 30 day waiting period before flood insurance becomes effective?

5. Federal disaster insurance will cover you in any disaster?

Answers: Call me to find out and let me help you buy a home without requiring flood insurance.

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