Reversible lanes on I-75

Are you ready to move yet? Maybe you will after McCullum Airport starts round trip international flights with larger Boeing 737s…or when the Braves move and traffic comes to a standstill..

But before that….This is an estimated $834 Million project…for now…but don’t think it will cost that little…And it will be a tool lane that ill never end…

Like any project, the costs will escalate. Not only will there be two reversible toll lanes to ease traffic on I-75, but there will also be 7 additional on/off ramps located in places along I-75 & I-575 that don’t have exiting access ramps. Lots of changes ahead.

There’s a force bigger than all of us pushing for mass transit – and they keep pumping more and more people into Cobb, more justification to take it downhill and install mass transit.

Source for blog post: Opinion of MDJ, 8-13-14, 4A.

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