Seller Disclosure of bed bugs in Georgia?

After reading the blog post (see Source below), I have to seriously ask that question too here in the State of Georgia.

The current GAR Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement used in Georgia has a section referred to as Termites, Dry Rot, Pests, and Wood Destroying Organisms. One of the questions under this category asks

Have any termite/pest control reports or treatments on or to the property in the last five (5) years?

So I guess it all depends on who interprets this statement and what pest control report actually means.

My basic reply is that if you have to ask, you need to disclose. Also, if you encountered “any” pest problem whether it be rats, mice, squirrels, woodpeckers, bed bugs, etc.,…(i.e., “if” you either had an official report or a pest control treatment to get rid of those pests), you should disclose the issue and remedial action.

But there are those within the real estate industry that will read this as simply a “termite” disclosure or pests that have caused “physical damage” to the home – not other pests.

Note: Buyer Beware …. and ask if you dare!


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