Some things a Seller considers when selling a property


This is not a complete list by any means, and I will modify the list as time allows, but just want to share a few of the “potential” Seller considerations.


  • Listing price and range of acceptable net$
  • Amount of closing cost$ to pay for the Buyer (if any)
  • Payment for a home warranty for Buyer – $400+
  • Payment toward the condominium or HOA fees to entice Buyers to buy
  • Pay for or offer price reduction any other requests related to house before or after a home inspection – appliance, flooring, HVAC, etc.,. (Note: In the current mortgage environment, $ allowances for such improvements will not be allowed by the lenders.)


  • Properly stage the home – everything in its place and organized to show lots of space
  • Pets – crate or remove them during showings
  • Laundry-furniture-kitchen counter-bedding === keep all areas clean and neat upon short notice
  • Painting or remodel projects that you can simply finish making inside look better
  • Floors clean and shiny; walls clean; light bulbs work; etc,.

SELLER’S PROPERTY DISCLOSURE STATEMENT – GAR contract form (Not legally required unless it’s made a part of the Real Estate Contract.)

  • What you want to leave in the house – what you are taking?
  • Any major problems happen during your ownership that required repair (i.e., structure, ceilings, walls, floors, or damage requiring insurance report)?
  • Be sure to briefly explain any YES answer

For example:

Plumbing Repair explanations: “Leak in joint of pipe in garage was repaired – No other plumbing repairs” or “Bathroom faucet leaked and we replaced faucet.”


  • Showing times or drop ins (with an agent) – usually from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (Note: Worst thing to do is to require appointments and restrict times of Buyer availability but you can ask contact info of agent the Buyers are working with and call the agent to verify.)
  • Home Inspection – within 7 to 12+ days of contract acceptance
  • When do you want to close the sale?
  • When do you want to move out? (usually within 2 days of closing.)
  • Do you have any paperwork on newer systems/appliances?
  • Do you have a list of your utility expenses?
  • Do you have a property survey we can give Buyers as a copy?
  • Do you have any other information to share with Buyer as to what makes this home special for them or their use?
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