Spray foam insulation or crawl space encapsulation may void your termite insurance in Georgia

Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black recently stated that spray foam insulation in the crawl space of your home or business may void your current (or prevent future) termite protection coverage. But let me add this caveat….many homeowners are adding spray foam to their attics under their roofs and some are encapsulating their crawl spaces and conditioning that space to prevent mold, but are they covering up hidden active termite infestation?

If you currently (or are planning to) have termite protection from a Georgia licensed pest control company, be sure to:

(a) determine if and where you have any spray foam insulation,
(b) read your termite protection policy for its effect on coverage, and
(c) contact the pest control company to discuss effect on termite protection coverage of those areas covered (or to be covered) by the spray foam insulation.

It may result in termination or voiding your termite protection in its entirety.

Spray Foam Insulation Could Impact Ability to Protect from Termites.


If you need more information, you may contact your local county extension office at 1-800-ASK-UGA1, or the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Structural Pest Control Division at 404-656-3641.

Source: Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin, September 26, 2018, Page 1.

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