Tax Assessor – Santa Claus?

Disclaimer: This is just in jest and I have no real opinion on this matter either way…ok local governmental authorities?

Just like good ole’ St. Nick, who visits each and every home on Christmas Eve….the County or local municipal Tax Assessor’s office sends people to your house every so often (i.e., by Georgia law, about once every 3 years).

But in this case, he/she doesn’t visit young girls and boys or brings you presents or gifts, but decides how much money you don’t get to keep by increasing the value of your home and in result, fill your property tax debt stockings with a lump of …you know.

In Cobb County, if you look out the window at 12:00 (…that’s noon not Midnight), you may catch a glimpse of the chubby jolly ole’ St. Nickel getting out of his sleigh (the vehicle with County Tax Assessor on it).

Ho! Ho! Ho! – Up the taxes you go! Click-click-click …sound of the tax meter uptick!

So be good boys and girls and hide your household improvements and if you let this person down the chimney, he’ll not only take your milk and cookies, but he’ll charge you for it in higher taxes!

Some stories you’ll read are like the article All Mahoning County real estate is being reappraised. This is where new photograph technology like the GoogleCar allows vehicles to take pictures of homes/properties at normal driving speeds, without having to slow down or stop.

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