Transportation in Georgia – too many cooks in kitchen?

Why are there so many organizations involved in Transportation – for the money!

Recently, the Federal Highway Administration approved the Atlanta Transportation Improvement Plan which includes the $1 Billion planned expenditure to improve the I-285 & GA 400 interchange which is a bottleneck to traffic. The project will involve ramps, collector and distributor lanes (i.e., adjacent access lanes with more stoplights).

Organizations involved in this, besides CW Matthews and other contractors:

Georgia General Assembly (and don’t forget the local Governmental bodies)
Georgia Department of Transportation
Atlanta Metropolitan Planning Organization
Atlanta Regional Commission
Georgia Regional Transportation Authority
Perimeter Community Improvement Districts

Hey – what about the City of Atlanta – will they receive more traffic from Southbound Lanes?

How about all roads north of I-285 – won’t they also get more traffic faster?

I see cost overruns and cluster messes ahead….

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